Finding Motivated Property Sellers

In this video you'll discover how to find motivated property sellers & four ways to get undervalued properties.

Finding Undervalued Properties

In this training video, we discuss a quick strategy to finding undervalued properties in your local area.

Save money on mortgages

In this training video, we walk you through strategies on paying of your mortgage & saving money on interest repayments.

Latest TV Show Episodes: Episode #3

In this training video, we'll discuss how to find a booming suburb, recent auctions, finding bargains and much more!

Latest TV Show Episodes: Episode #2

In this training video, we discuss how millionaires are created in property and how selling opportunities can make you rich.

Indicators of a Booming Suburb

In this video, we discuss some indicators and some sure-fire signs of a booming suburb or a suburb that is about to rise in price.

Property Risks

In this video, we discuss some risks of holding properties and some ways to protect yourself to avoid some expensive repairs and maintenance on your property.

Look for opportunities

In this video, we discuss how to find opportunity locally and what to look for. This simple strategy enables you to find properties everywhere you go!


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