Dates: October 12 - 14, 2018
Kiwi International Hotel
411 Queen St, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand
Ph: +64 9-379 6487
Auckland, based around 2 large harbours, is a major city in the north of New Zealand’s North Island. In the centre, the iconic Sky Tower has views of Viaduct Harbour, which is full of superyachts and lined with bars and cafes. Auckland Domain, the city’s oldest park, is based around an extinct volcano and home to the formal Wintergardens. Near Downtown, Mission Bay Beach has a seaside promenade.
Peter Sun
Please let me introduce myself...

My name is Peter Sun. I have five beautiful Children (4 daughters, and a boy Hugo) and most of my business life I have worked from magnificent properties, high up on a mountain overlooking the Gold Coast or near the beach in sunny Queensland. I love real estate... I like to work from home, And...

In the 30 odd years that I have been in business and invested in real estate, I learnt something very valuable... If you want to make money in business or in real estate... it doesn't matter what degrees you have. How old you are or what ethnic background you posses. It matters not if you are a man or a woman. Tall or short. Good looking or downright ugly. In life, business and real estate the only thing that matters is simply this...

Can you get a RESULT or not? Can you make money, and make a profit... or can't you?

I have had the "results"... Over the past 25 years I have sold over 40 million of educational programs, seminars, books and courses and have bought and sold over 17 properties myself. I have made LOTS of money... and I have also LOST money...

But you know it's not even about the money. You see, most people just want to make money so that they can go and sail that boat. Hang out with their kids. Travel first class. Drive a nice new car. Live in a dream home. Go surfing, fishing, play golf, save the whales or whatever.

That's why I wrote this book and created a totally logical, common sense and incredibly simple system for helping almost any person create cash flow and long term wealth and security through real estate.
Peter Sun
Peter Sun
Entrepreneur | Speaker | Mentor | Trainer | Investor
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Alex Ryan
Alex Ryan
Entrepreneur | Speaker | Mentor | Trainer | Investor
My name is Alex Ryan, I’m a real estate investor and entrepreneur based in Sydney, Australia. I live near the water, have a beautiful wife and family and enjoy a healthy lifestyle of eating right (being vegetarian), donate to animal charities, cycling, swimming and have multiple vacations a year. At around the age of 28 I had travelled around the world multiple times and visited every continent including some far reaching places like the arctic circle via husky sled in far north Finland. I’ve checked quite a lot of my bucket list already!

Since I was 21 years old I have started over 30 online businesses working from home and travelling abroad speaking at seminars helping others achieve similar lifestyles. Everyone can do this as long as you have a will to succeed and deserve then the universe in its wisdom will serve it!

Around the age of 25 I started investing in education for real estate attending courses, seminars and buying products online.

Looking back I now have multiple properties and I still work from home, take multiple holidays per year to exotic locations and living life on my terms by design.

I enjoy running our business training events and real estate summits and look forward to mentoring and closely coaching our new business owners to success.

Plus Many More...
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Friday, October 12th 2018 - Sunday, October 14th 2018
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Kiwi International Hotel
411 Queen St, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand
Ph: +64 9-379 6487
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