Peter Sun

Please let me introduce myself...

My name is Peter Sun. I have five beautiful Children (4 daughters, and a boy Hugo) and most of my business life I have worked from magnificent properties, high up on a mountain overlooking the Gold Coast or near the beach in sunny Queensland. I love real estate... I like to work from home, And...

In the 30 odd years that I have been in business and invested in real estate, I learnt something very valuable... If you want to make money in business or in real estate... it doesn't matter what degrees you have. How old you are or what ethnic background you posses. It matters not if you are a man or a woman. Tall or short. Good looking or downright ugly. In life, business and real estate the only thing that matters is simply this...

Can you get a RESULT or not? Can you make money,
and make a profit... or can't you?

Peter with son Hugo

I have had the "results"... Over the past 25 years I have sold over 40 million of educational programs, seminars, books and courses and have bought and sold over 17 properties myself. I have made LOTS of money... and I have also LOST money...

But you know it's not even about the money. You see, most people just want to make money so that they can go and sail that boat. Hang out with their kids. Travel first class. Drive a nice new car. Live in a dream home. Go surfing, fishing, play golf, save the whales or whatever.

That's why I wrote this book and created a totally logical, common sense and incredibly simple system for helping almost any person create cash flow and long term wealth and security through real estate.


So Why Choose Real Estate & Real Estate Education?

I have taught over 50,000 people in 8 countries

Most people know that there is BIG money to be made in real estate. We all know someone who bought a cheap little run down shack years ago that sold for million years later.

The reason MOST people never make that sort of money is simply because they don't know the fundamentals of PROFITABLE real estate decisions. That's right, most people make emotional real estate decisions. OR simply stupid ones.

Like buying a property in a far away place from some slick marketer and paying way too much for it. And also because they lack the cash-flow of some of the 'educators' who teach great strategies but find that 95% of their students are stuck in a JOB or struggling business and do not or CANNOT implement what they learn because they don't have the same cash-flow the educators generate by teaching their strategies.

This is my home just 50 metres from the beach on the beautiful Gold Coast

So what I am doing, is by provide a valuable education to real estate investors, mums and dads, first home buyers, renovators, and even newbie developers and investors. AND for those that really want to fast track their investing and real estate goals also the opportunity to generate the cash-flow to be able to do it.

It wasn't always like this. I used to work for a boss hating my job. I also had several conventional "bricks and mortar" type businesses where I slaved away only to almost go bankrupt due to high overheads, staff hassles and inexperience. At one point in my life I even sunk so low I actually tried to commit suicide. That's when I decided to make some changes. Find some mentors and educate myself how to live a more healthy, wealthy and fulfilling life.

Yes, life wasn't always all peach and roses. Let me share a little bit of my background with you. To show you that if you have the guts, the determination and the dream to have a go anyone can succeed. Even a habitual former loser like me.

1970: I arrived in Australia at the age of 14 with my parents, 2 suitcases and $1,000. My parents have never had a business. In fact they both worked in a public service type job for their whole life.

They recently retired after making THEIR small fortune in renovating houses they lived in and selling them for BIG profits and capital gains. Their idea of a secure future for me was a job with the bank. (I tried that for 4 months but got sick of counting other people's money) I certainly did not get any business advice or know how from them.

Family dinners with my five children were a weekly event…

1976: I finished my 6 years of high school at Randwick Boys High. A public school where I learned how to smoke, drink, swear and play hookie at the pool hall and the beach. One year I missed over 40% of my math's classes and nobody noticed. (I hated maths.) I almost failed to make it to University, but in any case I did fail after my first year of studying Commerce. Ironically I chose business and specifically marketing as my major subject.

1977 to 1979: Wanting the easy good life...I even tried my hand at professional tennis... I never made any money. I tried pool hustling and playing backgammon... YES, I even turned to gambling out of my desire to make some easy money. You can imagine the result of that!! Finally I decided that since I couldn't make any money myself because I was as "confident as a wet blanket" maybe I could find someone who already had some. So I came up with my success strategy #1... I would find and marry someone who was already rich.

Astonishingly, it worked. I met a girl whose parents owned one of the biggest real estate companies in Australia and were worth over $300 million back in 1979. I spent the next 6 years in the company of one of Australia's wealthiest families at that time. We had free rent in Sydney's posh Double Bay, free petrol, free trips to Surfers Paradise, free skiing (my fiancés father even owned a ski resort) I even got a job with the family firm. First as a builders labourer on a site in Paddington Sydney, then as a property manager and later I even got my real Estate agents license. I bought my first 3 properties one in Sydney and two in Melbourne following my Rich Dads father in law's advice... I was making money and I thought I was set up for life...

1984: To top it all off our wedding was held at one of the hotels that my wife's father owned in Sydney's CBD and we got the promise of a million dollar HOUSE in Sydney's Double Bay as our wedding present. To celebrate we took off on a ONE YEAR round the world trip... Our honeymoon. And that's where the cracks in my 'perfect' future began... On the plane back from Hawaii to Australia and a secure future (Or so I thought) my wife turned to me and said... "I want a divorce." It was like being hit over the head with a brick. I was stunned.

There went my future. I had no money, (I sold one of my properties to pay for the honeymoon and the other two had no equity yet) no skills and as far as I was concerned NO future. We tried to work things out in the next few months. I cried, I pleaded, I cajoled and screamed... all to no avail. My wife's decision was final.

Here's what I did next ...The date is March 25th, 1985. (Just 4 days short of my 28th birthday)

The time is about 2:30 am in the morning. The place is my car, a Datsun 200B parked outside 85 Manning rd. Double Bay. (The home where me and my then wife were going to spend the rest of our life together in perfect happiness, or so I believed) It's pitch black, and the only sound is the engine running. I am sitting in the car, gripping the wheel feeling angry, lonely and depressed. There are lots of thoughts running through my head.

I am broke. I have no skills, no wife and, as far as I was concerned... no future. My life is over and it's all their fault!! As I bitterly recount what happened I feel a growing anger, frustration and I blame my wife, her parents and even my parents for making me feel this way. I remember all the hurts and frustrations I felt that they caused me.

But now I am going to show them. And make them sorry for what they did to me. Because when I am gone then they'll appreciate me and want me, but it'll be too late!! I'll make them suffer like I am suffering.

I turn the engine off and get out of the car, teary eyed. I pull a vacuum cleaner hose from the boot of the car and jam it into the exhaust. (Yes, I put it there a few days earlier just in case I needed it at a moment like this) I place the other end into the rear window and wind the window up so the hose will hold in place.

I get in the from seat and start up the engine again.

The smell of the engine fumes begins to fill the car. The dials in front of me are getting hazy in the acrid smoke. My right hand is holding the driver's side door handle and the door is just 8 inches open. In my mind there is only one thought now...

Do I close the door or don't I?

Do I choose to die or do I choose to live?

I know that if I close the door there is no second chance...

My mind is getting tired... and sleepy. I can hardly keep my eyes open now.

The next thing I remember, is lying on the wet grass next to the car. Dawn is breaking and there is a man with a black dog leaning over me asking me... "Are you all right? Can you hear me?" My head is still spinning and I just nod weakly. I can't really see his face clearly, but I notice he smiles at me kindly and then just begins to walk away with the dog following behind him.

A few moments later as my head begins to clear I sit up and look around for the man and his dog who probably saved my life. I am not even sure whether they were really there, or if it was just a dream I was having, but they are nowhere to be seen.

But I do notice the engine has been turned off. My keys are still hanging in the ignition and the vacuum cleaner hose is gone. So someone must have been here. I never believed in guardian angels, until this moment. But if they exist then for years I thought this man was certainly mine. But one day I actually figured out that I went into the car at 2:30am and the man was there at 5am – 2.5 hours later. He couldn't have saved me. What actually happened was that I had lost consciousness from the fumes BEFORE I shut the door and I fell out of the car... which saved my life. I was such a loser I couldn't even kill myself properly... Are you glad you are reading this book buy a suicidal loser? I am joking here. Because that morning was a turning point in my life. A moment where I decided to make some changes because obviously my life was not working...

Anyway, I got up, took my shoes off and started to walk across the wet grass. I don't know exactly what happened, but I seem to remember looking at the world around me as if I had a new pair of eyes. My awareness seemed to have changed. Everything seemed much clearer and sharper.

The sounds of the birds singing. The wet, cold feeling of the grass beneath my feet. The crisp smell of the fresh morning air. And seeing the trees full of leaves and the clear blue sky above with the first rays of sunshine suddenly overwhelmed me with emotion. I began to sob and cry for the joy of simply being alive.

And, as I walked across the dewy grass, I made a decision to change. To really live and make my life count. To find out what I could so that I would never want to be in a position like I was just a few hours ago. From the depths of despair, depression and almost death, my shattered spirit arose like a phoenix from the ashes and I began the journey of my new life.

Making Changes To Take Charge Of My Life...

Did my life instantly change? Yes and no. Firstly I wanted to be more emotionally strong. I began to devour anything I could lay my hands on to learn what made me the person I was and what I could do to change. I read hundreds of books on self-development, real estate and business.

Next I wanted to have more energy. To be healthier. I changed my diet. And gave up meat, dairy products, bread and processed foods. Started drinking fresh squeezed juices, salads and more wholesome and natural food. I also stopped drinking alcohol for 20 years. I did ten day water only cleansings of my body and went to mediation retreats. The result? I lost 20 kilos in 3 months and never had to take headache tablets or any antibiotics or medical drugs since. I felt fantastic. I made it my life purpose to become a better person. To make myself into the sort of person that could inspire others instead of blaming and feeling sorry for myself all the time. To take full responsibility for everything that happened to me and to make the most of everything that life serves me up.

Then I wanted to create my own wealth. I started my first business manufacturing spa baths. I worked like a demon 16 hours per day 7 days per week for the first 3 years and 16 hours a day 6 days per week for the next two. I made some money and lost it as my business expanded and fell victim to the recession we had to have in 1992. I did not let this deter me. I no longer felt like a victim, blaming the economy like so many other businesses that failed in that period. Instead I took the opportunity to make a change of environment and move to sunny Queensland.

But even after all that, in 1992 I was still broke and on the unemployment benefits. My phone was about to be cut off and we did not even have enough food to feed our first baby girl. (I've had another 4 children since then)

But... I was determined to succeed. I set my goals and focused on the purpose of why I am here. What meaning has my life got. I made sure I was in excellent health, because while I may not have had the skills or the mindset to be successful in business, I knew that keeping good health was way more valuable than material success. Since I had no money, I would at least keep mentally and physically alert and bide my time until I did succeed.

You will read the rest of the story in this book. But the reason I am telling you all this is to make you aware that nothing was handed to me on a silver platter. I too was down on my luck and desperate. Broke and frustrated. And if I could go from the depths of despair and being broke... You can too. This is my story of how did it. May it inspire your life journey... Here is what I realized on my journey...

My Early Business and Real estate Investing days...

Like a lot of people at the time, I lost my shirt in the 1990 recession that we 'had to have' according to the then prime minister Paul Keating. I invested every cent I had, and four and a half years of my life, into building up a spa manufacturing business in Sydney. I worked up to 16 hours a day, six and seven days a week. I employed more and more people as the business grew, however I expanded a little too optimistically.

When my sales fell by 50% at the peak of the recession, the finance company took just two weeks to lock me out of my factory and take everything I owned and everything I had worked for in the past 5 years. I lost my two investment properties, my car, my credit cards, all my savings and what was left of my pride. I also learnt a valuable lesson...

Hard Work Alone Will Not Make You Rich –
You Need To Have The Right Cash-flow and Business Vehicle
to be able to live and invest in Real Estate!!

This Muffin Market Stall in Brisbane Riverside Markets made me up to $1300 per day.

Let me explain. You see, it does not matter how good a jockey you are if all you are riding is a donkey. You will never win the Melbourne Cup doing that. You can flog that poor creature till its bleeding to death. But, its still going to run like a donkey. And Donkeys just can't run all that fast. You must be riding a good horse to start with. (The vehicle) And likewise if you want to see the sunrise, but you are facing west... you can run as hard as you like, as long as you like, but you will NEVER see the sun rise. (The Strategy)

That's what most people in life and business do. They either have the wrong vehicle (like a shitty JOB) OR they don't have the right strategy. Believe me, it's no fun being out of business and penniless at 32 years of age. (It's probably no fun being broke at any age!) Luckily, my wife and family stood by me at this time and encouraged me to start again.

Don't ask me what possessed me to do it, but I got this idea to start a muffin business. What a hard business that was! I baked all night and then spent most of the day running all over the Gold Coast in a silly looking white cap, a green apron and a big basket of muffins. Walking into offices with a big smile I would announce, "Hi, I'm the muffin man! Would anyone like to try my delicious blueberry muffins? There are 46 blueberries in each one!" I got sick of getting abused by guys in suits very quickly I assure you. And when one called me a low life scum-bag. I had enough.

I came home that day and announced to my then very pregnant wife that we were getting out of the muffin business and going into the education business.

Being in no shape to argue (she probably didn't like to be known as the wife of the muffin man anyway) she agreed.

It was when I had the muffin business that I read about a USA based business consultant called Jay Abraham. Apparently he was making $3,000 per HOUR in 1990. I figured that this was a pretty good hourly rate and decided to investigate what he did. I got hold of some of his ideas and started to apply them to my muffin business. And... within 9 months I took a simple muffin stall from taking $200 per day to $1,300 per day.

I only did a few things. One was to offer samples of my muffins to every person that walked by. I had a person in front of my stall with a tray of samples saying...

"Here try one of these, there are 46 Blueberries in every muffin" People would taste the muffins and say... "They are good. How much are they? I said $1.50 each. And they bought one. That took my takings to about $450 per day. Then in ONE day I doubled my sales. All I changed was when they said, "How much are they?" Instead of saying $1.50 each. I said "They are two for $3." And 80% of people would buy 2 muffins at $3. The others just asked? "Can I just buy one?" and I would 'make an exception' and sell them one muffin.

Then I started to say, "They are two for $3... but if you buy 5 you get one FREE" This got another 20% of people buying 5 muffins at a time. Now my takings were about $1,000 per day. The other $300 came from me setting up "agents" to sell my muffins at other market locations. I would give them a tray of muffins, signs with "2 for $3", "Buy 5 get one FREE and samples plate. And would average another $60 profit from each agent per day.

Thousands of people come to my business and real estate seminars and use my advice to be successful

After selling the muffin business I started to teach some of the strategies I learnt at my muffin stall to restaurants, coffees shops and other types of businesses. And I started to make some really good money. In fact one month I remember being broke and then by selling a USA real estate and business program by mail I made over $54,000. My eyes were opened to the power of education. The breakthrough came when I decided to measure and monitor everything that I did for myself and my clients.

Because in the past 18 years I have spent over $27.5 million dollars of my own and my clients money testing and monitoring strategies in the marketplace. Some worked, some did not. The difference between was... I knew EXACTLY what worked and what did not. I simply kept repeating the strategies that worked and threw out the ones that did not work.

The surprising thing I learnt, was that all businesses go and real estate markets through certain stages of development. A formula for success if you like.

  1. The first one is developing a saleable product or information. You need to spend money and time to get that right. (The vehicle)
  2. Next they need to find the right strategies for getting customers and keeping them coming back and referring others. (The Strategy)
  3. And, once they have figured that out, they then need the systems to train their staff to follow those systems. To make the business duplicate-able and expandable!! (The System)

If you figure these three stages out
you will have another McDonalds, LJ Hookers, or Uber on your hands.

In the past 20 years I have sold over $38 MILLION dollars worth of educational seminars, books, and courses in 12 countries

Since I discovered this, I have added hundreds of millions of dollars to my clients profits and sales. And I sold almost $38 Million dollars worth of my educational products, systems and strategies to business owners in 12 countries in the past 19 years. And the best part is, I did this working from home 90% of the time! My business was turning over several million dollars every year.

And I... can now travel extensively, go surfing, walk on the beach nearly every day and take my son and daughter to school and on holidays when I have them with me. And basically leverage the years of work I put into creating these strategies and live a rewarding and fun life.

The reason I can do this, is...

Getting ready to go to the beach with my son Hugo and Prince my daughters cute little puppy that I now inherited

Because I have a duplicatable SYSTEM.

And because it is a system, not only have I enjoyed great success and used this cash flow to buy real estate. But I have also had the pleasure of seeing many others create phenomenal cash-flows and real estate portfolios by using and adapting my knowledge and skills.

People like...

John Giann from Melbourne who made over $600,000 in sales in his first year with my program and has now sold in excess of $100 Million dollars worth of most real estate education products and seminars.

He owns a company called Knowledge Source and holds educational seminars all over Australia and New Zealand. He has even had the USA presidential candidate Donald Trump speaking at one of his events...

Or people like...

Amanda and Matt got started in this industry as my clients, students and employees

Matt and Amanda Clarkson – The E-bay millionaire. They used be my clients and also worked for me before they started their own business and now live in beautiful mansion near the beach on the Gold Coast about 700 metres from my house.

Mal Emery – The ex retail food shop owner who is now the marketing and business guru from western Australia. Mal got my Mail Order License for $35,000 in 1997 and made millions in the education industry after that. He also invested the cash-flow into property and some nice cars and holidays as well.

And there are countless others who have used my strategies to build businesses and buy real estate since...

So let me share a bit about my real estate experience now... Truth is... I have made money and I have lost money. There is certainly no guarantee of anything, but overall if you follow a sound strategy most people actually do become rich through real estate. In fact according to Global Wealth Report from Credit Suisse it shows that Australia has 1,250,000 millionaires. Most of who became millionaires because of their property values rising over time...

I got most of my early real estate background from two sources...

My parents and me...

#1. My Parents – Both worked in a JOB all their lives, but retired Multi Millionaires because of their real estate decisions. The bought and renovated a number of properties and made money on every single one of them

Sydney's Darling Point where my wife's parents built the apartments pictured and lived right on the water front!

#2. My Father in Law: My first wife's VERY 'Rich Dad' was worth over $300 million back in the 1980s... They built multiple high rises on the Gold Coast, Sydney's eastern suburbs and owned real estate in other Australian cities and even as far as Los Angeles USA...

I started working for him as a property manager, helping to manage the thousands of properties he owned all over Australia. Then eventually I got my Real Estate agents license... but ended up starting my first business in spas after my divorce.

My first family home

I didn't really make any real money myself until 1994-5 when my education business started to fire. I remember making $54,000 in November 1995 and again about $49,000 in February 1996. I was on truly on my way.

That year I bought my first family home and had it paid off in a couple of years. It was a beautiful property in the hills of the Gold Coast with amazing views and a 1.2 kilometre private driveway which gave us total privacy and a great place to raise my kids in what was now my second marriage.

One of the two properties I bought in 2003. I sold it for $200,000 more in just 9 months

During this time I also bought a commercial property in Burleigh worth over $500,000... today it's worth over $1.5 million!! Plus two properties in the USA in Minneapolis St. Paul with another business friend who lived there. Unfortunately in 2002 I had another separation and with my second wife. By now we had been together for 11 years 4 beautiful daughters I gave her almost all our properties and assets and just kept working the business.

In fact in early 2002 I was down to my last $15,000 and things were not looking that great until I shook off my personal worries and started the business up and within 12 months I bought TWO properties worth over $2.4 million jointly.

And another huge one in 2004... We ran our business from there and I also renovated it and made over ONE million dollars in capital gain in the 3-4 years I was there when I sold it.

I was starting to see the power of real estate and adding value together with the ability to find the right property and also be able to see where the next growth was going to be.

Some of the other properties I owned over the years included townhouse development sites. Investment units in high growth areas. Land subdivisions in mining towns.

Plus houses that I was going to knock down and create a large site to develop. (Unfortunately another personal issue stopped that one) I have made money... and I have LOST money... mostly due to personal circumstance like having to sell because of divorce etc. These kind of unpredictable events can Turn any successful real estate investing strategy to complete dust!!

However... excepting those types of situations, I found that it is possible to make and keep making money through real estate using The "Four Pillars" of making money in real estate as I call it.

#1. Find a city and area with high potential for capital growth. In other words pick the areas about to experience the next real estate BOOM. Real Estate moves in mostly predictable cycles and once you understand this you can take advantage of this fact. Something I learnt years ago from my "Rich Dad"

#2. Find and under-valued property in that area... One of my students recently bought a property that sold $1.15 million in 2007 for just $425,000 in August 2016... it's essential to buy at the right price and almost NEVER to buy new properties or from people who market to you through seminars, smart websites etc. We explain why in our programs.

#3. Add value to the property. Either renovate, sub-divide, develop or in some other way make it more profitable and attractive to the marketplace.

#4. Sell it better. Using the right marketing strategies and property descriptions can mean tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars more in YOUR pocket. We explain the different ways to do this as well later.

So anyway why am I telling you my story and all this?

My current home and office It's a 4 storey beachside Villa with it's own elevator and 134 metres from the beach

It's certainly not because I want to boast or because I want to impress you. The reason I am telling you all this is simply because I want to make the point that if you focus on something, get the right instructions, knowledge and guidance and then put in the "hard yakka", almost anyone with average intelligence can get outstanding results if they have the right vehicle and the right STRATEGY.

Maybe not exactly the same as I did, but how about 80% or 50% or even 25% of my results?

So why did I find success, while others who had the same opportunities did not? Let me assure you, it was NOT due to luck. It was not because I was 'in the right place at the right time' or because I got some magic products or property everyone wanted to buy. No, it was 100% due to my commitment to mastering some sales, marketing and business methods and skills and developing a repeatable SYSTEM and then using the cash-flow I made to buy real estate...

You know... I now work less than 3 days a week. I have a fantastic business that allows me to have plenty of time to spend with my family. (This is very important to me). I often travel to Europe, Canada and the USA (for new ideas) and I have been all over Australia and New Zealand.

And the best part is that...

I now have others are making money in Real Estate And following in my footsteps.

You know over the years, I have been on lots of other trips and experiences. Plus...

The business and strategies I am going to teach you had allowed me to buy good quality cars, buy the properties and it has also enabled me to take my family on holidays – all while working less than I have at anytime before.

Bike Riding on Venice Beach, USA

I now have the time to surf and walk along the beach in the mornings, to keep fit, (staying healthy is a big priority for me) eat well and enjoy everything this sunny part of Queensland has to offer…and, if you follow "the recipe for success" in this book and for generating cash-flow (The most important part of any real estate strategy!) you may do the same.

But that's not all. The thing I value most about this journey is that it has given me the opportunity to also contribute to others. To make a difference in the world. To touch those whose lives are not as fortunate as mine. And this business gives me the time and resources to make this a reality...

The Orphanage I started and fully financed for several years in Thailand.

At present, I contribute to kids in World Vision, and I fully supported an orphanage with over 25 children for two years, volunteered to help build a local School and have several other charities that I actively support and promote.

I have also authored a book and a DVD called "47 Ways To Put A Smile On Your Face." It inspires others to live a more happy, peaceful and compassionate life.

Look, I know your dreams for the future may be different to mine, however no matter what your dreams are, no matter what the purpose of your life is, this journey could allow you to turn them into reality.

But, please don't misunderstand me.

This is not a guaranteed ticket to instant wealth.

I previously had over 30 Children on our business sponsorship program

You will have to invest your time and a reasonable amount of capital to make anything work for you. To be a success in anything requires a degree of commitment and determination. If you are not prepared to do that and expect my this book and my ideas to make you rich, without putting in your part, then please don't waste your time or your money because my this book and mentoring is not for you.

On the other hand, if you can follow instructions, and have the desire and determination to succeed, you too could make a good income and a great lifestyle from generating cash-flow and investing in real estate, working part time from your home or simple office...

Being your own boss, and leading the sort of life others just dream about.

Helping 'Paulo' an IT graduate speaking 6 languages now homeless for 6 years in London

Just like I have done….the choice is yours.

If the possibility of earning a substantial income, working from home with no staff and low overheads interests you, please go ahead and read this book and talk to one of my other successful business owners. This could be your passport to financial freedom.

Best Of Success,

Peter Sun

Peter Sun
Real estate For Profit Founder

P.S. This next 12 months is the LAST time I will be training others personally. If you need cash-flow and really want to move forward then please read the information on how to get involved as a business owner with us. They have the full details of our proposal. Once you've read it, please return the application forms immediately to get further information about our program. You will have to make an absolute commitment to me for 12 months to learn and master the systems and the a further 5 years where we will both work together to allow both YOU and ME to have the life of our choosing. If this excites you, then contact us on the numbers or website below... It could be the best decision you'll ever make.

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