FREE 30-60 Minute Strategy Sessions with Positive Cashflow Experts (Normally Valued at $197)
Is it capital growth you're looking for? Do you want positive cash-flow?
Maybe you're paying too much tax? Does the idea of retiring with 5-7
properties in as little as 10 years or less appeal to you?
Discover on the call what you can do RIGHT now..this depends on your situation. Here we look at everything you have, your income and figure out what you CAN DO right now.
Next we determine HOW you will do it. Here we will discuss the battle plan...
The NEXT step is we get started and start implementing on your behalf to HELP you get it done...
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Apply For Your Complimentary "Strategy Call"

Ready to get started and take action to change you current circumstances? Apply for our complimentary strategy call and let's make things happen.

We've helped and trained over three thousand people all around Australia and New Zealand get started on their property journeys... This call could be YOUR start!

To qualify for the FREE strategy call you need to meet these minimums: (our team are quite busy and we have these criteria to save your time and our time)

  • Single income of $80,000+ per annum
  • Family/Household income of $12,000 + per annum
  • Minimum cash savings of $50,000 (in the bank)
  • Minimum useable available equity of $12,0000
  • Combined superannuation balance of $1,50,000+ (if you want to purchase within a super fund)
Only 1% Of Property Investors Retire Financially FREE...
Are You One Of Them?
Book Your Complimentary Strategy Session With Our Team To Ensure Your Investment Strategies Are On The Right Track...

Shocking Truth About Property Investors In Australia & NZ...
Will Still
Retire With Not Enough

At LEAST 50% of Australian property investors take a rental loss on their investments each week.

Less than 1% of investors have enough properties to be financially free when they retire. So when retirement rolls around they are FORCED to budget and/or still retire on a small government pension.

60% of investors will never own more than one investment property.

So what is it that the top 1% are doing that most other investors are not?

The top 1% are more focused on starting their portfolio with the right strategies in place and structures. Where most investors get caught up is one their 2nd of 3rd property and finding out they can't borrow more money and have hit the 'wall', the only way to fix this is by either selling property or paying an expensive property strategies to 'balance' the portfolio. That's why its important to start with the right strategy.

The smart investors treat this like a business with ZERO emotion attached. It's a numbers game in the end.

Not only do you have to buy the property undervalued at the beginning but you also need the right advice when it comes to tax structures and mitigating your risk with a balanced portfolio.

These calls are for beginners and advanced property investors alike. We've had folks who have ZERO properties work with us as well as property investors who have multiple proprieties and looking to add even more to their portfolio. They all started with sound advice from a professional... not their friends or family.

So How Long Are The Strategy Sessions?

Each strategy session is a chat about your current position and your goals on what age you want to retire, are you looking for capital growth over cashflow, discuss your options and time you have left in the workforce. It can be as little as 15 minutes or an hour depending on your questions. We will draw up a quick battle plan on what needs to be done next in order for you to reach your goals and achieve the life you desire.

Fill in your details
First step is to fill in your details and wait by the phone until we call... some people hold their breath (but we don't suggest that) :)

Fill out the form as best you can as these details will help us!
Chat and Connect
Next step is to have a simple and casual phone chat about your goals, when you want to retire, how much money you will need when retiring, how many properties you want to own... we go through some really great questions to get you thinking
Walk Away With An Exact Step-By-Step Map For Your Success
We start the process.You'll walk away from the call with some amazing ideas and a very good idea on what you need to do next...

Why exactly are we offering these FREE strategy sessions?
What are you going to get out of it and what are you going to learn?

Most people spend more time planning their holiday than they do their life and even less on their property portfolio! It's time to change that by speaking to a trained professional.

You see, it's quite simple really. EVERYONE wants to make more money. And property has proven to be one of THE most reliable ways to create long term wealth.

The problem is... the strategy that will work for one person, may not exactly work the same way for someone else because of their personal circumstances or financial position...

For example.If you are one of the lucky ones. You may have a lot of time on your hands, access to plenty of capital and possibly also making some good income through business or some other source. You may be paying LOTS of tax, or maybe not. The real estate strategies that would be the best for you and that you can actually take advantage, will absolutely NOT work for someone who is super busy and making the same income as you.

Or someone who is making some income and paying a little bit of tax. OR, you may already have some investments, while someone else may not. On top of that your lifestyle and family goals may be totally different. And all this has to be taken into account when formulating a strategy. Much like depending on the type of house you want build, and where, will determine the materials you'll need and who will build it.

In these sessions we discuss what is important to YOU. How much time you have and what effort you want to put into it. As well as, what is MOST important in building the foundations of a successful property portfolio for YOU.

In contrary to what most people think, it's not just all about what are the best suburbs and areas to buy into. Or how do you find properties below market value and where the next hotspot will be...

Some people seem to think THIS is the most important thing to consider... And don't get me wrong, it is a factor to take into consideration. However, everything takes time.

And even though in the past I've told people some areas I thought had good potential, most people simply don't have the time to do the research necessary to find the types of properties that will give them the best potential returns and tax and depreciation benefits...

Whereas, more experienced investors who know the market can just go right in and steal the deals from right under your nose. That's why you need this strategy session.

Have you heard of analysis paralysis? Well, most people I see either do way TOO MUCH research and actually get confused and don't end up doing anything. Or they don't do enough research and end up making costly mistakes that set them back years in reaching their goals.

Because when you are inexperienced and you have too much information it actually takes you longer to do ANYTHING!

And that's why we put together this strategy session... to further clarify your goals...

Even if you are a first time investor or don't have much capital. You may be $15,000.00 closer to starting your property portfolio than you may have realized. Ask us how. Our free strategy session also helps aspiring property investors who want to generate above average returns and long term wealth… Book your Free Consultation Today to find out more about our "First-Time Investor" Grant...

Do it NOW and work with an expert to clarify your long-term financial and lifestyle goals

Explore how you can achieve your goals through property investment and more...

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