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Dear Friend,

Everything you may have already heard about the Creating Wealth Through Property Home Study Program and the Ultimate Success in Real Estate Summit Seminar is true.

Even the stories about how Boris the Canberra Developer made $2 million in just 24 months using some of the strategies reveled at the Summit and in the Home Study course are true.

But the biggest story of all is what happens to those who participate in this program and follow up seminars... They learn the ultimate skills...

How To Make A Good Income Anywhere, Any Time By Finding Good Real Estate Opportunities AND How To Renovate, Develop And Put Real Estate Projects Together To Rent Or Sell For Short And Long Term Profits!!!

It's true. No matter who you are, what background you have or where you live in Australia, you can learn how to make a good income doing nothing but finding real estate opportunities that others either can't see or don't know how to take advantage of... It's an easy business to get into. You don't need an office or storefront. You don't need retail clerks or salespeople. You don't even need a to have a high school education, or be a budding genius if you follow our system.

In fact, all you need to get into real estate investing is to use our strategies and follow our proven systems for finding, negotiating and buying or optioning good real estate...

So That You Can Renovate, Develop, DA Approve
Or Simply Re-Sell Them For Instant Profits!!

 Of course, just because you get into the real estate business or buy property does not automatically mean you're going to make money.That's because success in real estate is kind of like baking a cake. To bake a cake, you use a recipe, put all the ingredients in the right order, pop it in the oven, and you end up with a cake. But try to make that same cake without a recipe, and chances are you're not going to end up with a cake at all. In fact, you're probably going to end up with one heck of a mess! And It's The Same Way With Our Creating Wealth Through Property Home Study program.

Some Of Our Real Estate Experts Who Are Featured In The Best Selling Program Are...

If you try to make money in real estate and don't know or use the Recipe for Success (the recipe revealed by Peter, Boris, and the other real estate experts at our training), you're probably going to have the same kind of success rate you'd have if you tried to bake a cake without a recipe, just about zero. (And you'd still end up with a big mess on your hands.)

But if you know, and use, the amazingly simple, straightforward Recipe for Success for Real Estate Investing (as revealed in this course), you're going to discover it can be easy to make money in Real Estate and also selling our knowledge and programs to others. And it's easy to pursue a lifestyle where all you do is come up with, and follow through on Real Estate Renovation, Development, or simply buy low and re-sell higher projects. It's a real adventure. An adventure that can make you rich, if you know the 'recipe for real estate success!'

That was the purpose of the Creating Wealth Through Property Home Study program –and our seminars ... to bring together the best minds and top performers in real estate developing, investing, renovation, and financing, so they could teach the Recipe for Real Estate Success to others. And that's exactly what they did.

Some of the experts* who contribute to our real estate programs are...

Boris Planirac – Pavilion Homes: How To Find and Develop Successful Real Estate Projects. Boris's story is fascinating.  From a humble background, Boris has gone on to becoming one of Australia's most prominent real estate developers and marketers. Currently developing a 100 unit project on the shores of Canberra's Lake Burleigh Griffin... Boris had built, renovated or developed over 500 properties.  He will take you step-by-step through the process of finding, negotiating, and securing profitable sites; how to do the feasibility studies, approvals, and pre-construction process; together with selecting builders, managing your project and finally selling and cashing in on your efforts. He has a wealth of knowledge and is not afraid to share his real estate know how with others.

Peter Sun (That's me.) : Real Estate Investment Fundamentals and Creating a Success Mindset: I have bought, renovated, DA approved, subdivided, and sold 17 properties. Plus, I have been involved in another six property deals with my family. My experience includes buying and renovating USA properties; buying, holding, and selling in upcoming boom areas, sub-divisions, townhouse developments; DA approvals; as well as several renovations and even commercial properties and warehouses. I will take you through the basics of creating a success mind-set, finding the right areas, negotiating the best deals, renovating, developing and financing basics, as well as how to creatively rent or sell your finished projects at a premium... even in a flat or falling market!!

Hans Booij - Multivest: How to Subdivide, Add Value and Develop Student Accommodation in Areas of Fast Growth and Opportunities. Hans and I have been friends for over 15 years. Hans has personally been involved in over 45 property deals and currently owns at least 18 houses, units, and even shopping centers himself. He has a wealth of knowledge for finding and developing low budget, high profit real estate projects in university towns and satellite cities, where most people would not even know opportunities existed.

Kyle Marshall – Vogue Financial Solutions: How To Get Finance and Set Up You Investment For Maximum Growth and Minimum Risk. Kyle's enthusiasm and passion for making sure you get it right from the start are catching. His finance, super, and borrowing strategies will ensure that you have the maximum chance of getting your projects financed and off the ground, whilst protecting you in case of set-backs. Let's face it... without money no real estate project can get off the ground. And even Donald Trump has to borrow money for his projects!!

Yuk Wong: How To Legally Reduce Your Tax and Risk: Yup has an amazing list of real estate investment clients. He specializes with real estate investors and is the man others come to for advice, not just your ordinary accountant, but a real partner in creating your future real estate wealth!!

This amazingly talented group of people, all of whom make a living in some aspect of the real estate investing and/or education business, came together for the first time ever for a single purpose...

To Teach You Everything They Knew About Making Money
In The Real Estate Investing And Development Business
With The Goal Of Retiring Within 10 Years

And instead of giving speeches, they demonstrate how to find and develop successful real estate projects, getting finance and negotiating with sellers, agents, and banks in a logical, step-by-step process. Starting at the beginning with the very basics and sequentially working through each step in the entire process, everything was covered, but just to be sure everybody got it...

The Experts Actually Came Up With The Actual Projects, Formulas, Letters, Contracts And Systems They Used In Their Most
Successful Real Estate Deals And Projects!

Actual projects. From start to finish. From selecting the right areas and finding the properties with most potential, to defining the market you want to sell or rent them to, to finding the best people to work with and managing the renovations or developments, to putting it all together and selling or renting the finished products. They reveal it all!  As well as teach you how to deal with agents, and create the best sales strategies to sell or rent them quickly and more.

And in the process, they revealed the 'recipe,' the template for success in the Real Estate Business. Until you see it for yourself, you'll never believe how easy it can be for you to make good money in the Real Estate business. All you have to do is follow the proven formula.

It sounds easy, doesn't it? When you do it right, it can be.

Of course, doing it right means putting all the little pieces together just the right way. That's what you're going to learn from the experts who contributed to the "Creating Wealth Through Property Home Study Program." That, plus a whole lot more.

Here's a quick summary of what you may love to learn...

  1. Your Goals and Objectives: Creating a Success Minds set... Most people fail even before they get started. They overestimate what they can achieve in the short term and under estimate what they can achieve in the long term! This module looks at your goals, beliefs, and vision to ensure you maintain your long term focus and achieve the success you want.
  2. The Six Types of Property Investors – Which one are you?... How serious are you in reaching your goals? Here we look at the different types of real estate investors and realistically help you to find where you need to be to reach your goals. Plus, we reveal the four pillar real estate success strategy.
  3. Property Fundamentals: The Most Effective Property Investment Strategies For Long Term Passive Wealth and Short Term Cash-flow… We analyze the different types of strategies for long-term retirement and wealth creation. Buy and Hold; Buy and Sell; Buy Renovate, Hold/Sell; Negative Gearing and Depreciation benefits; and pitfalls ... plus more.
  4. Three Pitfalls Of Property Investments: Bad Tenants, High Interest Rates, Property Downturn –Falling Values... And How to Avoid Them. Every opportunity carries risks. In this module, we look at some of the ways to protect yourself from the three most common killers of real estate success.
  5. Selecting the Best Property For YOU to Make Money With. In this section we look at the different types of property investments and which one is best suited for you. We look at the pros and cons of vacant land, residential and commercial property, as well as buying old vs. new and off the plan developer stock, together with what to buy and what to avoid for rising, flat or falling markets. Plus we reveal our most successful real estate investing strategy of all time... (We made $830,000 in just over 11 years from a house costing just $160,000, but you'll have to see the details of that one for yourself.)
  6. Buying the Right Property for YOUR Investment Strategy: Here we reveal the process for finding a property opportunity you can make money with... including determining your exit strategy for each property, how to pick suburbs and cities with most potential, how to determine fair market value for the properties you want to buy, negotiate with agents, buy at auctions, and approach owners directly, as well as how the laws of supply and demand affect property and which areas to avoid like the plague!!
  7. Financing Your Property Investments: Getting finance for your projects is vital to your success. We look at all the different options and types of loans available, as well as the best way to approach finance companies and deal with banks to ensure your success, plus ways to reduce your interest and repay your property loans off faster by maximizing your tax benefits, plus setting up your Super Fund to take advantage of tax benefits and opportunities now available through the new super laws.
  8. Getting Finance for Large Development Projects: Here we look at the process for getting finance for large developments, how to deal with private lenders, putting finance applications together for banks, and more.
  9. How to Work with Valuers: Most projects fall over because the valuation does not match the finance needed. Here we cover how to help the valuers to make sure your valuations are fair and your project will get financed.
  10. How to Make Money with Renovations – Even if you have never even held a hammer before (Part1): In this module, we look at the different types of renovations and what type is the best for you to start with. We cover everything from quick cosmetic paint and carpet jobs to complete structural makeovers, adding rooms, and new bathroom and kitchen types of renovations. There are four critical things you must do before you even start, and we give you costing and work checklists that will help you stay on budget and on time.
  11. How to Make Money with Renovations – Getting the work done (Part2): In this section we look at how to deal with trades people.  We give you our proven 9 Step Renovation Process for profits. We’ll tell you what gives you the BEST and WORST renovation dollar return for money spent, and give you money saving and style tips for painting, landscaping, bathrooms, and kitchens, as well as how to ensure you get the full depreciation and tax saving benefits.
  12. Becoming a Successful Developer (Part 1): Here we cover the nine step development process. From setting your goals, picking the right city, suburb, and area, to putting your team together, finding the deal, and doing your due diligence. We’ll also cover working with town planners, architects, council, and builders, plus how to get the DA and BA, as well as pre-sell and market your project for maximum profits, as well as how to make money WITHOUT developing by finding, optioning, and getting DA approvals by finding suitable and profitable development sites for others.
  13. Property Options – Our secret money making strategy: Here we dissect what is an option, how to best approach vendors to get one, how to generate cash-flow even before you sell or develop properties you have under options, and more...
  14. Becoming a Successful Developer (Part 2) – The Development process in a nutshell: Here we cover the ins and outs of actually getting a development project of the ground and what are the best company and trust structures for your developments.
  15. How to Sell or Rent Your Properties For More Money: Most agents are just order takers. You can influence the selling price and interest in your property for sale or rent with what you'll learn in this module. You get a complete dossier of successful ads and strategies I have used to sell and rent my properties when others could not.

  16. How To Stay Fit and Healthy – So You can actually enjoy the money: This is not normally something found in a course like this, but after seeing many of my extremely wealthy real estate developer friends and family end up bed-ridden and crippled by disease, this is probably the most important section of all. I have not taken a medical drug or headache tablet for over 30 years now thanks to lifestyle choices I made and learnt many years ago. Whether you do this or not. . . it works and you will feel better, be sick less often, and not end up in a wheelchair like so many of the wealthy people I know or knew.
  17. Protecting Your Assets – Different types of business and trust structures: These are covered in the interview with the accountant that has done this for over 2,000 clients.  He can look at your investment strategy and objectives and help you come up with the most cost effective way to handle your real estate investments and wealth!!
  18. PLUS ... Several Other Jealously Guarded Real Estate Investment, Renovation, and Development Strategies used by the people who have done it successfully for years and years. You'll also be learning some of the most successful methods that the other speakers and attendees at our events used to generate sales and create their real estate empires.

And that's just the start of it. We reveal a lot more of our proven negotiation and marketing strategies on our weekly live teleconference calls you get access to for the next 12 months as part of the Creating Wealth Through Property Home Study Program!!

On top of that, Peter Sun conducts the online training modules and ALL of the interviews himself. I promise you nothing was held back. You'll discover all you need to know to help you make a success of this business.

As well as that, there is something else we cover in our program...

Setting Your Priorities: How To Create The Focus,
The Mindset And A Life Purpose That'll Drive You
To Success Like A Laser Beam Hitting A Red Bull's-eye

The importance of having the right real estate business mindset and a rock solid life purpose that inspires, drives, and motivates you, is not something you'll normally hear about at trainings such as this. However, I consider this the most important part of what was shared in this program...

Because no matter how much money you make in your real estate business, it'll never be worth a cent if you first don't look after your health and relationships with others around you. I'll be sharing my experiences with you to ensure that you not only create wealth in all areas of your life... but that you also hold on to it now... and beyond the year 2020.

And that's not all. Here are some of the other things you'll learn in the Creating Wealth Through Property Home Study Program and the weekly follow up phone conferences...

Why it is so important to Define Your Goals and Target Buyers For Your Property, before you even buy, develop, or start renovating. (Most people buy, renovate, or develop and then ask, "Who can I sell it to?" That's the wrong way.)

Where to find the Ultimate Target Market to Sell Your Properties To. (And how to know beforehand if the people you are selling to are in the position to buy from you.)

How to Avoid The Really Dumb Mistakes behind almost all real estate investment and development failures! (This alone can assure you of a 1000% better chance of success.)

How to find Capital and Complete Financing for your real estate projects without going to the banks!!

How to come up with killer ads and websites that will Make MORE People Want To Inspect and Buy Your Properties!

How to Master the Mechanics of a Real Estate Investing Business that Really Works!

How to estimate the Profit Potential and risk of any development and renovation project before you start, and How to Know in Advance Which Real Estate Projects Will Be Big Winners before you invest a single penny! And which ones to walk away from!!

YES, you will learn all this, and more! And it's all presented in a way that makes it easy to follow and simple to understand. More importantly, you'll learn that success in the real estate business can be almost automatic - if you follow the recipe! The same recipe being taught by people in the Creating Wealth Through Property Home Study Program who are actually doing what they were showing us how to do, which was...

Creating Long Term Wealth and Cash Flow To
Fund Their Retirement – IF They Choose To Retire.

But you know, it's funny. All the experts kept talking about how they weren't in the real estate business just for the money. Instead they were in it mostly for...

The Lifestyle That Having Money And A
Real Estate Portfolio Permits Them To Live.

It's a strange way of thinking about money, but I guess they're right. It's not so much the money that's nice. It's what having money allows you to do.

See, when you have REAL wealth, you don't need a job or a business. You don't have to work with or for anyone else. And not having to show up for work every day frees up a lot of your time. Time you can choose how to use. Time to spend with your family. Or on your hobbies.Or on an adventure. Whatever...

The Choice Is Yours

But, as the experts pointed out, having the choice to do what you want and having the free time to do it can become quite addictive. Once you taste this freedom, you'll find it hard to go back to your old job. You'll never want to work for anyone but yourself. And you'll know why those who are doing it say having a successful real estate investment portfolio is the ultimate adventure!

Being able to come and go as you want, to travel, to spend time with your family and friends, or to just sleep late are luxuries far more enjoyable than a big car or a fancy gold watch. (Or so say the experts.) According to them, the real reward of success is...

True Independence.

(And most people thought it was the money!) Anyway, listening to these successful people talk about their lifestyles is fascinating, And it makes you realize that money isn't the goal. Money just gives you a means of reaching your goals, goals as different as the individuals who set them. (But money is not a bad thing either.)

There is something else that money brings, something that none of the speakers actually talked about, but something that could be seen in all of them. There was an air of confidence, a feeling of security, maybe even an inner peace that make these people stand out in a crowd.

But maybe it wasn't the money. Maybe it was the knowledge that they had discovered a way to live well, no matter what happened in their lives. They knew that anytime they needed money for anything, all they had to do was follow the recipe for success as revealed in the Creating Wealth Through Property Home Study Program and/or our distributor training.

A surprising thing about these experts is that they weren't at all hesitant to share the real estate experience they had mastered. They didn't hold back on anything. They revealed everything, gave advice and direction, and even told about their biggest mistakes. It's amazing...

They Had Discovered A Way To Escape From The
Rat Race, And They Didn't Mind Sharing The Secrets!

They were also honest. They said that investing in real estate is not some Get Rich Quick scheme. It is a great way of building your wealth, askill you learn... and it does take time and effort. Just like anything else worthwhile!!

And, best of all, to make this as easy as we can for you, we also include ...

12 Months of WEEKLY Free Telephone Support And Coaching
To Help You Get Your Real Estate Investing Business Started

That's right! Along with the complete online training, the interviews with the real estate experts, the workbooks, transcripts of each module, and tools included with the Creating Wealth Through Property Home Study Program, you'll also get 12 months worth of LIVE phone support through our weekly teleconferences to help you implement the strategies in the program.

PLUS You'll also receive these bonus programs worth over $600!

"The Renovation Blueprint." RRP $497

Renovation Blueprint is a complete guide for beginner and intermediate renovators on how to start renovating houses for massive profits and make money in real estate investment. This six-part audio program covers the most important aspects of finding, buying, renovating, and selling real estate for profit and is aimed at answering some of the most common questions beginners have.

You will learn:The tricks of the trade for finding hot undervalued properties and getting them for less than market value. How to renovate the property the RIGHT way to add REAL value.The mistakes even seasoned property investors make and how to avoid them. How a simple renovation choice can make you (or cost you) thousands of dollars. The 2 BIG secrets to selling your renovated property for more than it's worth... And much, much more!

"Crazy Renovation Profits." RRP $47

A great introduction to the renovation business from inspecting properties, simple renovations that make big bucks, costing, discover the biggest mistakes renovators make and how to avoid them. How to know what you are likely to make in profit – before you even start. And much much more!

Product #1: Becoming A Property Developer RRP $17

This is an online downloadable product. This online course walks you through the basics of becoming a property developer. Have you ever wanted to know how property developers got started? Or maybe how you would go about your own development of townhouses or units? This simple guide will show you how most developers got started as Well as how you can take your first step in property developing.

Product #2: Finding and Buying Undervalued Properties RRP $17

This is an online downloadable product. There is a huge market for undervalued properties and mortgagee in possession properties and only a handful of experts know how to go about finding these. If you’re looking at buying some undervalued homes or units then this course is a great guide. You will discover how to use online tools to search areas, find the right suburbs, and choose the best property and what to look for in an undervalued property.

Product #3: Finding Cashflow Properties RRP $17

This is an online downloadable product. A big challenge for most home investors is finding positive cash flow properties. In the Australian market and in many CBD areas most properties are negatively geared! However the are a few gems if you know what to look for and this course will guide you on how to go about finding those positive cash flow properties.

Product #4: Renovation For Beginners RRP $17

This is an online downloadable product. This video program and e-book program will reveal the beginner renovator how to go about renovating for profit. If you are just starting out and wanting to learn the quick-start guide to renovating and flipping properties for profit, then this is a great program!

This product comes with a bonus video from a property investor, Peter Sun. It walks you through some of the top beginner's mistakes.

Product #5: Sell Your House For More Than It's Worth RRP $17

This is an online downloadable product. Would you like to know the secrets to selling your house for more than it's worth? How about strategies to listing a property and attracting qualified buyers faster than most real estate agency ever could? This simple guide will show you some of the secrets Peter Sun personally used to sell some of his properties that agents said could not be sold. You will also learn secrets to listing, doing basic touchups on your property and more simple ways to increase its value fast.

It's Like Having Your Future Delivered To You On A Silver Platter!!!

Having myself and some of the experts as guest speakers right there, live on the phone each week, will ensure that you get as much out of this program as possible and keep you motivated for your own long term success!!

Of course we are not giving the Creating Wealth Through Property Home Study Program and our seminars away. In fact, even though this is a genuine opportunity to learn how to create REAL long-term wealth and improve your lifestyle, I don't expect everyone to be in a position to take advantage of it. And that's OK, because the Creating Wealth Through Property Home Study Program is not suitable for everyone.

Here are various reviews about our live events and coaching!

From: Living In My Car at 18 In Dead End Environment
To: $5,000 in Profit In First Four Weeks and Better Life Ahead

Here are various reviews about our live events and coaching!

From: Franchising And Petrol Stations With Staff Headaches
To: Our First Renovation and Great Business Training For Future

From: Passion for real estate and need to spend more time with kids..
To: Having the knowledge, great training, and support to reach my goal to be full-time and make $100k and more per year income.


If You Are Down To Your Last Penny, And Have To Borrow To Become Involved In The Real Investing Business In The Hope That You'll Become Rich Overnight...

...then don't bother going any further. It probably isn't for you. Or...

If You're Looking For A Magic Pill To Fix All The Problems In Your Life, Aren't Open minded to new ideas - - Or Can't, Or Won't Follow Instructions, Or Don't Want To Listen To Advice...

...then this is not going to work for you either. It's not magic. We find that less than 2 in 10 people ever put in the sort of commitment and effort necessary for success. You are going to have to work for your success in the real estate business just like others did. Or...

If You Are Looking For A Quick Buck And Plan To Use Our Training
To Sell Lousy Overpriced Real Estate Projects And Rip People Off...

Then look somewhere else. I will not be helping you or keep giving you my advice.

On the Other Hand...

If you are looking for a better path to success, a new skill which can take you to the level of personal success and financial rewards that you desire, a path that has proven to work time and time again for others, then the Creating Wealth Through Property Home Study Program and support systems we offer you might be exactly what you are looking for, especially if you can afford to invest in your long-term success.

Creating Wealth Through Property can offer you a way out of the rat race, a vehicle to retire and create REAL wealth... if you follow the recipe for success. The Creating Wealth Through Property Home Study Program is the best opportunity for you to learn that recipe from some of the most successful people in real estate alive today.  Not billionaires like Donald Trumps or Harry Triguboff, but ordinary people just like you and me who have made it good through real estate.

But this experience is not free.

It's going to require an investment of money (to get the know-how and the training) and time (to learn the systems we teach you and apply it) and to go out and research the market, talk to agents, other investors, and basically immerse yourself in this for your own benefit. If you sincerely feel you are prepared to make that investment and commit to learning the recipe for success, then read on because I've got some good news for you.

By now you know this is more than just another real estate program; more than a collection of carefully selected reference and resource material; more than the systems, manuals, and procedures; and more than the year of live phone support and training...

It is all these things and more.

And, combined with your desire to live your life on your own terms, it could be...

An Experience That Changes Your Life!

There's nothing quite like the feeling of success, and that feeling can be yours. It is within your grasp. No matter who you are, where you live, whom you work for, or what business you own, you can create a successful real estate investing business. And...

The Creating Wealth Through Property Home Study
Program with all the supporting materials tools,
and training - can be your launching pad

Once you have the recipe for doing it right, you do what you want. You can buy, sell, renovate, hold, develop, or simply take out options and flip the properties before even paying for it... It's up to you. You can apply it to selling virtually any property or land. Following the same advice given to you in this real estate program, some people now make more money in one month than they used to make in one year, using real estate projects they only started as the result of the same system you'll be taught.

Given time and the correct application of the principles revealed at the Creating Wealth Through Property Home Study Program, together with the follow up support we have developed, you may do the same. But don't expect miracles to happen overnight. It may take time. As with everything worthwhile, your results will be a direct reflection of the effort and diligence you put into learning the principles of the Real Estate Investing Business as explained in the Creating Wealth Through Property Home Study Program, and applying the systems and ideas in your own life and real estate projects.

OK.  Let's talk a little more about the investment required. For any training and a business that could give you even a fraction of the returns some of our experts and students are experiencing, you'd be expected to invest in excess of $20,000 to get this information and apply it.

However, the true value of this program and what you will learn could be reflected in the results you could get and others have already achieved in the real estate business.

Yes, an investment in one's future can sometimes be priceless - if only one can afford to make the investment. (It's sad but true - some people can't afford to be successful.) Anyway, if you can afford success, and recognize this as an opportunity to fulfill your dreams, this is your chance to participate in the real estate investing business and use our systems to get started, together with all the benefits this has to offer, including ...

The complete online Creating Wealth Through Property Home Study Program including the videos, audios, the manuals, and all the other bonus materials.

The 12 moths of live teleconference training with myself and the other guest speakers.

The Recorded interviews with the real estate experts who are and have made money consistently in good markets and bad.

Plus, if you choose the opportunity to participate in joint ventures and bring projects to some of the more cashed up investors we have in our network...

As well as everything else I mentioned in this letter...

... For just $2,995 (plus GST if applicable)

Not everyone will succeed in real estate. However, the few who are serious about success and take this step, will find the rewards can be enormous. And, to make your decision a little easier, I have something else to offer you to ensure your success... if you are serious...

You'll also be informed of any new real estate seminars, products, or emerging real estate hot spots and where the new renovation, investment, and development opportunities lie for the future.

This is all yours... free (apart from your phone costs) . . . For 12 months. If you take the step now. One more thing...

Because we are enjoying a large degree of success using the real estate strategies you are getting, I know just how well it all works. Accordingly, you might assume that we would be willing to offer you an unconditional money-back guarantee on your success in this business...

...Well, I'm not.

Your success with the real estate business is absolutely dependent upon your ability and desire to learn and practise the necessary skills as shown in the program and supporting materials. You must also exercise self-discipline, maintain a positive attitude and belief in yourself (even in the face of adversity), and operate your business in a totally professional and efficient manner.

Whilst I can offer you all the knowledge and some of the systems used by others to generate a substantial wealth and income, I cannot instill in you the discipline needed to effectively use these systems or teach you the attitude of negotiating deals and dealing with tenants, agents, and trades people.

Lets face it... It's like just because students enroll at a university to do a law, commerce, or other course doesn't mean they will finish or get a great job. Statistically from many who enroll, fewer finish. Fewer still get honours and masters degrees, and fewer still go on to become great in their chosen career. (Some never finish and others never use their degrees!!)

And... as in any business endeavor, I cannot guarantee against your failure. (Statistically, less than three in ten people will succeed in a new business) Some people will consistently fail, even when offered the most outstanding opportunities. The Creating Wealth Through Property Home Study Program is no different.

We can only offer success to those who are prepared to put in the time, the money, and the effort necessary to learn the real estate business, to those who diligently follow the instructions, practise the new skills, and apply the information and conduct their real estate investments with the utmost professionalism until they achieve the level of success they desire. In the past, with our other programs, some of our students have excelled beyond their(and our) wildest expectations. People like John who went on to make up to $12 million per year in his business and create a multimillion dollar real estate portfolio. However, there are others who have failed. People who gave up, before reaching the skill levels necessary for their success.

Which story will you be? Only you decide. However, to ease your mind, what we are willing to do, is to...

Give You A Full 10 Days To Evaluate This Program
And Make Sure You Are Happy With Its Content.

Examine all the products, watch the videos, go over the tools supplied, and if you are not convinced this program is worth every cent you paid for it, you can e-mail the person who sent you to this page with your intention within 10 days and return it to them for a full refund of your investment.

This guarantee means you'll know exactly what you are getting and are satisfied with the information in the program. After that... it's up to you.

If you are looking for a real estate course that could make you wealthy, please consider this carefully.

This is a very rare opportunity for you to experience what others will just dream about. The freedom and financial rewards of personal success could be yours thanks to the Creating Wealth Through Property Home Study Program. I hope you are able to take advantage of this.

If you have any questions, or want more information please contact the person who sent you to this page...

Peter Sun

P.S.  Accompanying this letter are comments from people who have already been using our real estate techniques in Australia and New Zealand.  Also available, the video above that explains the program in more details and guides you through some of the modules samples.