Best Practices for Installing and Maintaining Control Panel Components

When it comes to industrial automation and operation of machinery, control panels are considered the central nervous system. This will control the functioning of many electrical and electronic components. These can be found in power distribution networks, manufacturing plants and even in your home.

You can find companies

That specialise in the design of control panels and low voltage motor control centres that will follow best practices to ensure safety and performance. There has to be careful planning from the beginning. Some of the factors the designers will consider are the environment the control panel will be placed in, system requirements and scalability for the future. There are detailed schematics and layouts created around this so that the optimal placement of wiring, components and ventilation can be ensured. Companies that specialise in this field will look for high quality components. They will have partnerships with reputed manufacturers that will make this process smooth. While you can bring down costs when you use cheaper alternatives, the use of inferior components can compromise the safety and reliability of the control panel. Therefore, it is important to choose components that meet industry standards.

Safety is an important consideration during installation of the control panel.

You have to make sure that all power sources are turned before you start the installation. It is also important to wear personal protective equipment like safety goggles and gloves. There are safety guidelines that are set up for this and it is important that the professionals installing the control panel follow these to ensure safety at site. You have to think about the maintenance of the panel and troubleshooting. This is made easier when there is neat and organised wiring. Colour coded wires can be used because of this and all the connections should be clearly labelled. This will make it easy to identify them and it will minimise errors during the installation as well as future repairs. To protect equipment and people from electrical hazards, you need to have proper grounding. Dedicated grounding bars can be used for this with low resistance connections to earth. There are standards and guidelines for grounding that should be followed.

There is heat generated by control panels

When housing power dissipating components. There have to be mechanisms for ventilation and cooling so that overheating can be prevented. This will contribute to the longevity of components. The installers will use air conditioning systems, vents or fans for this. There should be thorough inspections carried out after installation so that proper functioning of the panel can be verified. Some of the things to check during inspection are overheating, loose connections and signs of wear or damage. These issues should be addressed quickly so that complications can be prevented. There has to be a regular maintenance schedule so that the control panels can be kept in optimal condition which includes testing, cleaning and calibrating components. The maintenance procedures and intervals will be recommended by the manufacturer.