Finding the Best Real Estate Lawyer – 6 Things to Consider

Found a house that you’re interested in? The bank approved your loan and the sellers are interested in working with you. You’ll now need a lawyer to close the deal. You can find the best by considering the below points. Keep reading.

Bar Association

Contact your local bar association. All the lawyers in your state would be licensed, registered, and a part of it. As there are lawyers for all sorts of things, the association would help you narrow things down. You’re allowed to ask for legal aid in your town that specializes in specific fields.

There may be so many lawyers specializing in real estate that you won’t be able to go through them all online. The list from the bar association would make things easier.


Even with a list of the representatives, you may have to narrow things down even more. Real estate lawyers sub-specialize. If you go through residential property lawyers Melbourne has many that focus on homes over commercial properties.

You could work with someone who’s not specialized. But a lawyer that exclusively deals with the type of property you’re trying to buy would result in an expert working with you.


The person you’re hiring with needs to be upfront about their fees. Like any type of lawyer, real estate ones could cost a lot. Look at the contract you’ll be signing. Hopefully, you won’t be hit with astronomical rates at the end.

Go through reviews. You’d know if whoever you’re interested in charges hidden fees or not.


The job of a real estate attorney is to close your purchase. For him to do this, a lot of paperwork would be needed. How well the two of you get along would influence his ability to communicate all the papers that are needed. With the wrong documents, the closing could be prolonged. You could get into trouble with the government as well.


You may be on a tight schedule. The sellers want you to purchase the property as soon as possible, and you’re desperately in need of a place to move into. Unfortunately, the attorney you’ve hired is too busy to get everything sorted in time. This might be the case with very popular ones – they would have a thousand other deals to close.

Quality of Work

As mentioned, you could work with someone that specializes in dealing with the type of property that you’re interested in. He would be an expert. But what would help you find the most qualified person would be checking reviews. You can see what others have said about their experience online– quite a few negative experiences may have been had.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to finding the right lawyer to help with the closing, there is a lot to keep in mind. The best person to work with would specialize in the type of property you’re trying to buy. Maybe you found someone that is specialized. That’s great, but make note of his fees; they may be through the roof. The attorney you’re interested in should not be too busy – you may on a tight schedule.