Great Toys That Help Promote Creativity and Thinking Skills

Children can learn a lot of skills as they play such as creativity. Although it depends on their innate skills and capacities, you can actually hone their creative and thinking skills with the type of toys you introduce to your kids. Many kids these days are more into gadgets and toys with batteries. Although they could still learn from it somehow, it limits their imagination since most of these toys are close-ended.

The best toys that encourage those two skills are open-ended toys. These are the toys that can be played in a variety of ways and doesn’t have a definite ending. It gives your child the freedom to create and experiment with the toy depending on what he or she is thinking. Open-ended toys are also gender neutral and grows with your child – even when they are already schooling, they could still enjoy playing with these kinds of toys.

Here are some of the best open-ended toys that help encourage your child’s creative and thinking skills.


An easel is a perfect item that would really encourage your child to create something – whether it’s doodling, writing, and many more. It’s best to go for an adjustable easel so that your child can still use it even as he grows bigger. You can even use it as a whiteboard to help teach your kids at home.

Wooden Blocks

Let your child create what’s on their mind with the use of wooden blocks. As your child grows older, you also need to increase the number of wooden blocks your little one owns so it’s easier to create more complex structures. Be sure it has a variety of shapes and forms to experiment on and create different building structures. Try out these eco-friendly toys from QToys puzzle and blocks collection.

Play Scarves

Play scarves or play silks are perfect even for babies. These toys are safe to play with and can be used in a variety of ways – from peek-a-boo to little forts for toys. You child can also use it as an accessory for their pretend play when they are already bigger – from toys blankets, bento wraps, and many more.


Another great toy that helps encourage a child’s creativity is the classic Lego. Almost every kid enjoys building things from Lego blocks. Although there are some kits that have specific building instructions, the best ones are still those open-ended building kits. Your child can create almost anything from Lego such as buildings, vehicles, and everything imaginable.

Toy Animals

Lastly, toy animals are a perfect addition to your child’s pretend play collection. They could use it while they are learning science or play it together with other building toys. Go for those with more realistic designs so your child gets to know what real animals look like.

Toys that inspire creativity and thinking in your child doesn’t need to be that expensive at all. When you choose the right toys, you can help your little one expands his or her imagination and learn more while they play.