Guide to License Plate Recognition System in Parking

Advanced technology is an essential component of many industries and this has brought much efficiency and convenience. Traditional parking management has been transformed as a result of technology and one of the solutions provided for the issues in this system is the license plate recognition system also called LPR.

LPR is also called the ANPR parking system this uses a combination of advanced algorithms, cameras and optical character recognition. These components can be used to capture license plate information, interpret and store this. You can use these systems at the entry and exit points of parking management so that any vehicles entering or exiting can be tracked automatically. There are many parking functions that will use the collected data. The cameras are an important component of LPR these cameras are placed in strategic locations to ensure maximum visibility when it comes to different lighting conditions. These are high resolution cameras that will capture images of license plates of any vehicle coming into the car park. Optical character recognition technology is used to convert the information that comes as a visual of the license plate into text that can be read by a machine. The alphanumeric characters will be extracted by this technology for identification. This will then be kept on the record.

The data that is collected will be stored in a centralised database and managed.

You can use this database for cross-referencing so that it is easier for the parking administrators to keep track of the vehicles coming in and going out. This will allow them to effectively enforce regulations and to manage the duration of parking. When a vehicle approaches an entry point of the parking lot, the license plate of the vehicle will be captured by the system. At the same time, this information will be cross-referenced with the database so that whether to provide access can be determined. The exit process works in a similar way as the license plate is verified by the system. Payment processing also made more efficient as a result of LPR because there will be a payment record. You don’t need to provide a ticket to those who enter the parking or any access cards. This can greatly reduce the likelihood of error.

If you are looking

For an LPR system for your facility, you have to consider your requirements, the traffic volume throughout the day, size of the facility and the required security level. You have to look for a LPR system that has a high level of accuracy. But you need to check what your existing security infrastructure is and whether this system can easily integrate to this. You have to consider scalability of the system and how future growth of your facility can be facilitated by the system. Look for a system that comes with advanced capabilities for analytics and reporting as you will be able to get valuable insight from the data collected. Also, user-friendly interfaces can be great for convenience.