How to Choose Rugs for Living Spaces?

A rug has a way of either making or breaking how a room looks. It can either be that ‘wow’ factor or it can make the room look cluttered and crowed. A rug that fits in a bedroom will probably will not look that great in a living room.

Different places in a house need different types of rugs so it is important to choose wisely. There are a number of different factors that determine which rug will best suit a certain living space.  If you are still deciding and need a little convincing here are some tips on how to choose which rug will best the different living spaces of your home.


This is probably the most important factor. There are different types of rugs that are made from various materials. While a soft wool rug will match your bedroom interior by adding that cosy, comfy vibe it might not best a dining room.

A dining room is a place that people access a lot especially if you have kids or pets there is a good chance the wool is going to dirty. For a dining room opt for slightly dark colours, this conceals any dirt or stains better. By getting a thicker or rougher material it might absorb less dirt and be easier to vacuum.


Spacing matters a lot when choosing a rug or carpet. If it during winter you might prefer carpeted floors so keep out the cold. But the size of the rug you choose reflects how your room will look. If you are choosing rugs for dining room you may want to get a larger one that can be placed under the dining table.

However, you choose to place your rug it is important that you measure the space you want to cover before investing in your rug. You do not want the rug curling up at the edges because of the lack of space. The slightly smaller rug is always better than too big. 


If you live in a house by the main road, which means dust, or live in very cold or hot areas your rug placement is greatly determined by these external factors. Permanently placing a carpet or rug means you have to be committed to vacuuming at least very few weeks. The thicker materials absorb dust particles that can even become a health hazard if not maintained.

Especially in places such as the bedroom it is vital that the rug or carpet gets continuous vacuuming. Extreme temperatures may cause mould and bacteria is build up under the rug due to humidity and dust. It is important to clean both surfaces of the rug to avoid dust that cause allergies and respiratory illnesses.


The colour and texture of your flooring will also determine the type of rug you use. If it wooden with warmer tones you might need to get a rug that matches the hues and tones. Contrasting rugs can be used on darker floors.