Is Tissue Paper an Ideal Option for Wrapping A Gift?

This can be a controversial topic. Thus, in this article we are going to look deeper into it.

Here are the pros of using tissue paper:

  • There is a high diversity of options to select from when it comes to choosing this material for packaging purposes. Ranging from various colours to patterns, from customization to embossed, there is tissue paper to suit any of your party themes or fancy styles!
  • There is no flexibility in any other gift-wrapping material like tissue paper. The tissue paper can be shaped however you want! Create a background by laying it flat or make it a decorative accessory. Such as with the respective folding techniques, you can create a fan or a flower.
  • There is a great availability of this wrapping material, and it is widely accessible all across the globe. Besides, even if you make a bulk purchase of tissue paper, the cost and weight of it still would relatively be less than other gift-wrapping materials.

What can one wrap using tissue paper?

Well, gift wrap tissue paper is widely used in the gift industry to create classy packaging. Below mentioned are a few items one could use the tissue wrapping for:

  • Fruit bouquet
  • Flower bouquet
  • Pair of shoes
  • Fancy perfumes
  • Jewellery
  • Leather items such as handbags
  • Expensive wristwatches 

And the list goes on. Moreover, tissue paper also works as a complimentary wrapping material to enhance the gift packaging. 

In many cases, there are firms and established organizations that have their own customized packaging. For instance, using a logo printed or having a specific company colour tissue papers for packaging purposes. Here are a few reasons why this investment is made. Furthermore, how customization wrapping might favour your business.

  • Firstly, tissue papers are an exceptional environmentally friendly product- meaning a green initiative that brings a positive light to the firm. 
  • It is the most cost-effective way to have a custom printed wrapping solution. Perhaps, also an innovative way to make a mark in the client’s memory. 
  • These customized wrapping materials can also be a great way to advertise the firm and bring in more attention from the general audience. 
  • The custom design adds more value and credibility to the tissue paper wrapping. 
  • Moreover, it could be an effective way to boost branding. 

However, each has its own good and bad. Below mentioned are the cons of using paper for wrapping purposes. 

The cons of using tissue paper are as follows:

  • The tissue paper is not water resilient. Meaning a drop of water can spread across the whole sheet of paper and cause it to tear off. Moreover, it will also start to fade the colour off. Thus, it is highly advised not to take the tissue paper wrapped gifts in wet zones, such as a pool party or an outdoor event- unexpected showers or heavy rain, for instance. 
  • As much as its weight counts as an advantage, these tissue papers are extremely thin. Hence, this means they are prone to tear off easily under pressure. For example, you are trying to wrap a present last minute, and the irrational movement is splitting the paper- it can get too nerve-wracking.