Steps to Redecorate Your Living Room

The living room is the single most important room when creating a lasting first impression. It’s the area that your guests mingle in and hence it needs to be maintained in style as it sets the vibe for the rest of the home. If you’ve had enough of your olden living room, now is the time to upgrade and do some redecorating.

Find Your Atmosphere

The first question to ask yourself is what atmosphere do I really want? The living room is warm and welcoming, so choose soft and comfortable materials. You can easily identify the atmosphere you’re looking for by browsing through magazines, blogs and other interior design materials online. Visit websites like Pinterest and prepare your own mood-board by saving interesting pictures that match the vibe you’re going for.

Some atmosphere types are; countryside, cosy, modern, luxurious etc. Choose a flagship colour that you want in your decor such as soft green, coral blue, powder pink, mustard yellow, etc. Next choose a dominant material that matches your style such as wood, metal, glass or linen. The mood-board will act as your guide in the process.

Make A Statement of Your Show

In your current living room, what furniture and accessories do you want to keep, give or throw away? To harmonize with your new ambience does your current furniture go with the new style? Get the base right first. Your walls, floors and furniture are the priority elements of the living room. To put up a great show, getting these base elements right is vital.

Plan on repainting the walls; use your mood-board and check what colours you decided on. Redo the floor if needed, for example if you picked wood as your dominant material, you can redo the floor to have wooden panels. Plan on furniture as per your atmosphere. Modern atmosphere will need cutting edge designs; country style will need more cosy and plump furniture etc.

Finishing Touches

Lastly you can add some finishing touches such as cushions, glasshouse candles, lampshades, curtains, rugs and carpets. Choose any other accessories that would enhance the overall look of the room. These little elements do add value to the living room as it livens it up.

Give it a personal touch with some photo frames or DIY crafts. Having something that represents you will make you feel more attached to the room. Also, consider adding storage. The biggest problem many homes face nowadays is storage and if you buy smart furniture, you can easily solve your storage issues. Get a coffee table that could store magazines and books in it. The couches could have side drawers.  

Define A Shopping List

Once you have a good idea of ​​your vibe and of what to keep and what not to keep, it’s time to define the decor you need. Look at your mini mood-board and find the key elements of this atmosphere, it could be: a plant, pattern, poster, lamp, crystal vase, unique mirror etc. Then list these items. Establish a budget and choose the stores that match your budget. Spend on the most important elements first such as the furniture and paint.