The Evolution of Digital Marketing: Then Vs. Now

With the constant development of technology, there have been dramatic changes in the field of digital marketing and its methods of operation. In the past billboards, TV stations and radios were the top methods of marketing but what about now? What has changed and has it changed for the better?

Let’s take a look into some of the aspects of digital marketing and their development:

World Wide Web

The earliest example of a digital marketing strategy; the World Wide Web has become the hub through which all information circulates. In the early days of the World Wide Web, prominent businesses used this platform to put up digital ads which unfortunately were not viewed by many due to the lack of access to this facility.

However, at present, more than three quarter of the population have access to this and it’s a widely popular strategy to put up business ads across the internet. Not only ads, even websites have been designed and published on the internet to increase business profits and their authenticity.

Social Media

As a majority of the population can currently be found on social media, this has become ‘the’ marketing strategy that any online digital marketing company would recommend. But this was not the case 20 years ago. Back then social media had just started up with Myspace and Facebook and people were still sceptical when it came to trusting what’s on the internet.

Evolving from the past, now most companies both big and small use social media platforms to reach out to potential consumers. An idea that started off by connecting friends has now expanded to connecting businesses with customers that take an interest in them.

Mobile Technology

With the introduction of the smartphone technology starting offfrom the Blackberry, we now have the ability to access the internet anywhere, anytime right at our fingertips. Mobiles give us endless possibilities to reach people and now it’s easier than ever to directly contact clients. The evolution of this technology is also the reason for the widely increasing popularity of social media.


Back in the day after the internet was founded, not much was known about search engines and how they operated. The data in those engines were not organized and did not hold the jargon of information it does today. Now with SEO’s the information regarding a particular business is just a click away through search relevancy, page rankings, and keywords. You can find anything you want as fast as your Wi Fi would take you.

Final Thoughts

While the 4 modes of digital marketing mentioned above are the strategies that survived and evolved with technology, they are just a few of very many strategies people have come up with to lift their business to the top.  The methods used now will also gradually change or evolve for the better. The style of content produced and the tools used to market it will be entirely different. These will only increase business’s understanding of customers’ behaviour and what needs to be done to survive amongst the cutthroat competition out there.