The pros and cons of security services

Security is as equally important as just about every other thing in life in contemporary society. It plays such a major role in our lives that, we often tend to provide for our security as much as we could and at other times we entrust our security to expert security personnel.

On this note, resorting to security guard services is no uncommon action nowadays. As the conditions and value of a person or an asset heighten, there emerges an obvious threat to such person’s security during which time the aid of security services is channeled. However, like every other thing, this too has two sides to it.

On the side of what adds up to the positive aspects, firstly, they contribute towards the prevention and reduction of crimes. The presence of a security officer alone would suffice to reduce the rate of crime and prevent an assailant from being violent and inflicting harm to a large extent because they can intervene and stop the escalation of violence. This provides a sense of reassurance to those around.

Secondly, the presence of a security officer is a key factor to create a safe business environment. Whether it is retail, business, manufacturing, or events the presence of a security officer signifies that people are safe. This plays a large part in making customers feel comfortable within business premises.

Another key advantage of security services is that security guards execute discipline and order. This is integral in ensuring that a workplace or any other public place does not become the center stage for mob violence or any form of riots. This in turn helps to establish law and order and ensure the smooth function of things.

However, a common disadvantage associated with this profession is that security guards and other personnel put their lives on the line and place themselves at severe risks while executing their duties. This leads to the job being associated with a sense of uncertainty and danger.

Secondly, security personnel is expected to mandatorily adhere to strict and consistent training to maintain their skills and stamina. Such training covers areas such as the powers and limitations of powers of security officers, the ways and instances of using lethal weapons such as batons, chemical sprays, and stun guns, the procedure to be followed during critical medical conditions, and physical training to keep them fit to deal with strenuous situations and various training programs about sophisticated devices to keep them up to date with devices used by perpetrators. This leads to security personnel turning down such jobs.

Thirdly, work could be very difficult. Times of encountering unruly, aggressive behavior puts them at a large risk, working shift hours under harsh climatic conditions, working shifts alone.

Thereby, the highlight here is that like all jobs security services carry a very reassuring set of privileges but are also shadowed by a sense of ruggedness and danger associated with the job take up or reject the job altogether.