Tips for Styling Your Restaurant Patio with Outdoor Furniture

There is an advantage if your restaurant has outdoor seating as many patrons tend to look for alfresco dining during the warmer months. And just having a patio will not add to the ambience of your establishment. You need to style it properly so that its potential is maximised.

You have to think about

The theme you are envisioning for the patio before you start looking into Outdoor Furniture Melbourne. You may have a vibrant space or you need to create a cosy dining area but whichever theme you have, the furniture selection should align with this vision. For example, you may be looking for a modern aesthetic and in this situation, you can look for sleek plastic or metal furniture. And if you are looking to achieve a coastal vibe, you can look for wicker or wooden furniture in vibrant accents. As the furniture will be placed outdoors, it is important to focus on its durability. To ensure this, you can look for materials like wrought iron, plastic, aluminium, teak and synthetic wicker. These materials will easily withstand exposure to the rain, sunlight and humidity without deteriorating. This is why it is important to invest in durable furniture so that you don’t need to replace them often.

Comfortable seating will keep the guests relaxed

So you have to look for furniture that comes with ergonomic designs and plush cushions. This will ensure that the furniture provides sufficient support. You need to check the depth and height of seating to see whether guests of all sizes can be accommodated. You don’t always need to stick to a certain style, colour or material strictly. You can actually mix and match the options so that visual interest can be created adding some personality to the patio. You can combine different pieces of furniture so that character is added to the space. But you need to have a cohesive element that will tie everything together. This can be a common design element, texture or colour palette. You can divide the patio into zones so that different dining experiences can be accommodated. There can be an area for casual dining, communal gatherings and to have intimate conversations. You can group tables and chairs in different ways and add lounge seating with coffee tables to create these zones. And you can separate the zones with planters, decorative elements, change of colours or finishes etc.

Think about the accessories you incorporate into

The patio such as outdoor rugs, weather resistant throw pillows and lighting. You can add potted plants to bring in pops of colour and texture. Small touches such as these can make a big difference in creating a welcoming atmosphere. You need to optimise the available space with a strategic furniture placement. You can maximise capacity of the space with your furniture arrangement without overcrowding it. You need to make sure that guests are able to move around in the area comfortably without bumping into tables and chairs.