Top Tips for Off-Roading on A Motorcycle

Off-roading on motorcycles is better than on 4x4s – you get to cover more distance in less time. Below are some tips that you’ll enjoy as a beginner. Why don’t you read ahead to learn more?

Be Prepared

Whether you’re going to be off-roading on a motorcycle or 4WD, you’re advised to be prepared for danger. You’re going to be in the wild, so there are many things that could go wrong. Be smart and bring emergency and recovery gear that would get you out of a pinch.

You can further safe-guard yourself by being wise about the tracks you’ll be adventuring on. If they’re for intermediaries and more advanced riders, you have no business going down them. This is especially true if they’re very isolated.

Are You A Good Leader?

There is a rule that you need to follow – you’re responsible for the person behind you. If there’s an obstacle ahead, you should signal them to stop, and the person behind you should do this for the person behind them and so on.

As you’re responsible for the person behind you, slow down if they can’t keep up. You don’t want them to get lost.

Signal to the others

Let’s say you come across someone riding on the opposite side of the trail. If you’re at the front of your group, you need to signal to them how many riders are behind you. This would tell them when they can go back on the throttle. The last person in your group should signal a closed fist to tell them that no one else is behind.

How’s Your Shock Absorber?

You don’t need me to tell you that the treks would be very bumpy. There would likely be a lot of sharp edges and pot-holes too. To make sure that your bike can handle all of this, you’ll regularly need to service it. More importantly, look at its suspension system; it’s responsible for how well the vehicle would absorb shocks. You can get a hold of a motorcycle shock rebuild kit and work around the issue at home, thankfully.

When assessing the bike, make note of its headlights. You might have to drive in the dark – bright lights that cast a large distance are needed.

Where Are You Looking?

When it comes to off-roading on motorcycles, you’re always supposed to keep your eyes on where you’re going, and not obstacles or things that are beside you. Your body will follow your eyes, reducing the chances of you getting into an accident by tenfold.

Final Thoughts

 Well, what do you think? Exploring trails is fun as you really get to enjoy nature. Doing so on a bike is better than a 4wd – you’d be able to cover more distance and be more agile. Just make note of all the points we ran through; they would keep you safe. They’d also allow for a smoother time on the road. To be the safest, you’d always keep your eyes ahead.