Ways On How to Honour Our Dearly Departed Loved Ones

Death has always been a part of life yet many people does not want to consider that as it becomes too dark and macabre to consider it as such, but the truth is it really is abig part and it is the culmination of how our life is actually lived.

When death comes knocking a reality actually bites us in the very core of our hearts and that is, did we live our life right? And in most cases, we would not be there to know the answer but the bereaved family will know by the very people who will mourn their loss with them. And so, to honour our dearly departed loved ones, here are some simple ways where we can honour them.

Continue their Legacy

We can start by continuing their legacy. Now what do we mean by this? People actually care about something in their life and in the most part people actually do something about it or at least shared the yoke of the burden with friends and family.

These are ideas and missions that people want to start or has been starting to do with their life in order to achieve something, like helping others, feeding the poor, giving to charity, and all sorts of calling and passion that people have. Now what we can do is we can actually carry on their legacy by continuing to do what they have already done or start to do what they have always wanted to do, and in doing so we give continuation to their legacy and also fulfil our life’s mission as well.  

Celebrate their Life

Instead of focusing on the dark idea and concept of death which actually overshadows the light and life that one has while yet alive, we can actually honour the dead by celebrating their life. Yes, we can celebrate their life by focusing on the person and their life and not by the person and their death.

We can emphasize on how the person lived their life, how they have touched other people, or how they became a blessing to others. Celebrating their life meant that even though we mourn, we also rejoice at the life that has touched ours to the deepest sense and honour that blessing of being able to be a part of their lives as well.

Keep them Close to Heart

This might sound clichéd but we can honour them by keeping them close to our hearts. It could mean that we remember their life and the cause that they are supporting and continuing it, or it might mean that we remember them always and respect their positive impact on our lives, or take it literally by saving a token then is deeply associated with them, a ring, a book, or have you considered an urn necklace as a token of remembrance from a dearly departed loved one. These tokens help us remember them and honour their life and keep them forever close to our hearts.

The life that we have is not only meant to be lived for ourselves but also for others as well, thus when a loved one dies, we ought to share their life through our life by means of service, kind gesture, and loving other people as well.