6 Reasons Why Women Love Their Hoodies

Hoodies go far beyond just a fashion statement for women. It’s an attachment that goes deeper. Continue reading as we unravel the reasons behind it.

A blissful embrace

The pleasant warmth and constant hug of a hoodie while lazing around or even sleeping is the best feeling ever.  It’s like a portable security blanket that protects you from the cold and keeps you comfortable throughout. The ultimate bliss of a hoodie is it being a soft, lightweight wear with space to breath.  You don’t need a seasonal reason to wear a hoodie, making it the best attire a girl could ever ask for.

Perfect errand fit

A hoodie is the perfect choice of outfit while running errands due its flexibility, lack of discomfort and lack of restriction in movements. You wouldn’t have to spend precious time figuring out what to wear for something as simple as an errand run. Just pop on a hoodie and head out.

Style it up or style it down

Be it formal wear, casual wear or even party wear, hoodies for women can be styled in endless ways. From the lazy look to and absolutely glamorous look, you can take hoodies up and down a notch. A hoodie fixes with jeans and good old snickers? Or a hoodie fixes over a mid-length frock and some wedges? The sky is your limit when it comes to including your hoodie in various occasions.  You could even dress it up well during a meeting and no one would think any less of you.  

Weekend mode off

A hoodie can be your ultimate best friend during tuned down weekends where all you want to do is lounge on your bed or sofa watching TV, catching up on sleep, snacking on your favourite food or even simply doing nothing at all! Just snuggle in your hoodie and enjoy the day off!

Bad hair day fix

Now we all know how hard it is to tame your hair on a bad hair day and how frustrating it can be especially if you have to head out and can’t seem to get your hair to look presentable. Hoodies to the rescue! Flip on the hood of your hoodie and flip off all your worries. They not only save you from a bad hair day, but also if you’re trying to outgrow a haircut gone wrong.

From his to hers

Now we all know girls have a thing for their man’s hoodies! It’s extra special and extra comfy and makes the hoodie hug even warmer because of the love it holds. It’s a sweet hoodie bond. Of course, the hoodie never finds its way back in the owner’s closet; it eventually goes from being their man’s hoodie to their own hoodie.

There’s never just one hoodie in a girl’s wardrobe. But there’s always one favourite hoodie. If you’re someone who loves her hoodies, could you relate to the above reasons?