6 Things to Consider When Renting an Air Conditioner

If you need to rent an air conditioner, you’ve come to the right spot. Everything to consider to help you get the right one is discussed below.

Energy Efficiency

Different air conditioners suck up different amounts of energy. Whether you’re a small or large business, you likely don’t want to spend a lot on electricity bills. This is where getting an energy-efficient AC would be needed. The company you’re renting from would most likely have a few.

Speaking of energy efficiency, older models suck up more power than they should. As they’re older, they aren’t very efficient. This means that most of the power absorbed is wasted as heat.


You’d want the AC to not eat up the space it’d be in. To make sure it fits perfectly, give the store with the exact dimensions of the room, and the wall that the AC is going to be hung on.

Your Budget

How much are you willing to pay? As you can imagine, renting a unit for a longer period would result in a bigger bill. The model you’ll be getting would influence the price too.

Portable A/Cs

Instead of going for air conditioner rentals that would hang on walls, you might want to go for portable ones that can be wheeled in. They can move across the room and would be much smaller than a wall-hung alternative. What’s more, these options are cheaper to rent.

If you’re going to be placing a portable AC, you’d need to figure ventilation out. Wall-hung options exhaust the hot air outside. But their counterparts are not like this. The space you’ll be placing the rental in should have good airflow.

Is the Store Dependable?

Let’s say you’re renting several large ACs for your whole office. You’d want them to work at their best, or your workers would have to suffer in the heat. If something were to happen to the units, the store you rented from should be willing to come immediately and help.

You’d know how dependable they are by going through reviews. If you’re going to be renting them for a while, the company should do regular maintenance as well.

Are There Outlets?

Are there outlets in the spot you’re going to be installing the unit in? Some options may require special outlets. You’ll have to install them. Hopefully, the store you’re renting from would have them on deck. Usually, larger ACs are the ones that would need the special plugs.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to renting an air conditioner, there aren’t many things to consider, thankfully. This makes it easy for you to snag a good one up. You’re advised to go for options that wouldn’t be too big – the space you’re placing them might look too small then. Make note of your budget too. If you’re getting a rental for a while, you’d be spending a lot of cash. So, what’d you think? Which of what we said do you think is the most important?