Everything You Need to Know About CBD And How It Affects Your Libido

CBD or cannabidiol as opposed to the common conception, will not make you stoned even if it is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. Cannabidiol is non-intoxicating, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is. If you have heard of the numerous benefits of CBD an is seriously considering it, knowing the difference between CBD and THC is the first step.

Since the advantages of CBD is copious, drug manufacturers have made sure that CBD is segregated from THC to fully contribute to the benefits. One of those advantages is boosting your libido.

CBD relieves anxiety

Anxiety affects libido and since CBD helps in reducing anxiety, it also helps in increasing sexual desire since CBD directly affect the part of the brain that controls our sexual desire. For those who are still looking for a partner but is suffering from social anxiety disorder, CBD is also an answer.

Once we feel composed and relaxed, we would not be worried with our sexual “performance” or prowess, especially if it is your first time with a new partner. You just need to enjoy your time getting to know them. Just a couple of drops of V & You CBD oil and you could feel all your anxiety going away. When you don’t feel worried, you would be able to set the right mood.

CBD helps with lubrication

People with low sex drive are not the only ones that could benefit from CBD. Those who are struggling with dry and painful sex could also be helped with CBD since there are lubricants with CBD to enhance your sexual pleasure. CBD also has anti-inflammatory properties, thus helping make sex more comfortable.

Since CBD also alleviate anxiety, all the more it helps in initiating a more enjoyable time during sex. Women who have tried CBD lubricant attested to the effect of making their muscles more relaxed and making sex more enjoyable.

CBD also comes in the form of massage lotion. If you or your partner is hesitant to use lubrication laced with CBD, you could use lotion instead, not as a lubrication but to help your partner be relaxed and at ease and lubricated on their own.

CBD and erectile dysfunction

According to several medical and scientific journals, CBD have been used for many years to improve ejaculatory function although how is still unclear. There are theories that since CBD is a relaxing agent, it helps relax the blood vessels to promote better blood flow in the penis to alleviate erectile dysfunction and make the penis erect longer. But since the studies are not as conclusive as one hopes to be, there is still uncertainties on how effective CBD is in curing erectile dysfunction.

If it can or can’t help your sex life really depends on how your body would react to CBD. But if it is legal and allowed where you are and you don’t have any existing medical condition that would be affected by CBD and you have a go signal from your doctor, by all means, give it a try.