How to Achieve Success with Direct Mail

Direct mail is not yet an outdated strategy. In fact, it is one of the most effective techniques in digital marketing that big brands use to push their company to the top. If you haven’t incorporated this strategy yet to your company, now is the time to start making a difference. Direct mail marketing is not that costly yet when done properly, it is proven and effective to boost brand awareness, gain more potential customers, increase conversions, and even maintain returning customers.

If you’re curious on how to become successful in direct mail, here are some of the top secrets you should try out.

Choose the Right Size

The size of your campaign greatly depends on your budget and what your company needs. There are different types of direct mail that you can use to market your brand. From postcards, letters, to flats and many more forms. If you want something quick and affordable, a postcard would do the job. For more detailed ad, go for flats such as newsletters, magazines, and other similar forms.

Deliver at the Right Time

According to experts, the best days to send your direct mail campaign is during Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. People are most likely to sort through mail during these days when they arrive home from work rather than weekends when they want to go out for some fun. Catch the right timing to get your campaign where you want it to be.

Understand Your Target

Effective direct mail is not a one-size-fits-all format. You should tailor it to your target audience so that it appeals more to them. Aside from the basic demographics such as gender, age and locality, you should also consider other essential factors such as buying behaviours, lifestyle, interests, and other similar factors. That way, you can attend to their needs better and solve their problems effectively through your product/service. You could tailor your campaign properly with the help of experts at Blue Star mailing house in Sydney.

Catchy Headlines and Design

Design is the first thing your customers can notice on your direct mail. Create a professional-looking mail and be sure that all of the essential information is written on it. Aside from the design, make your mail look more appealing and interesting by using a catchy headline. Be sure that your headline reflects what you want to communicate to your clients.

Make Your Mail Valuable

Instead of simply sending advertising pieces or simply informational mail, you could make people become more interested by making your direct mail more valuable. For instance, you could add some discount coupon customers can use when they visit your shop. You could also include something usable in your mail such as a pen or a notepad. Your clients would surely love receiving these little gifts of appreciation from you.

With those simple tips, hopefully you could achieve more and make the most of your direct mail campaign, no matter you have a huge brand or still starting out.