The Winter Wonderland Wardrobe Essentials

To master the ideal winter wonderland wardrobe collection, you don’t need a bunch of clothes and accessories. It’s just a waste of money as it’s too warm to try out these looks for other seasons. Instead of spending a wad of cash on buying different looks for different occasions, its best to go with the essentials and mix and match them to create unique styles.

Here are some essentials you will need to create the perfect minimalistic winter look:

Sweaters & Cardigans

Essential top-wear against the harsh weather, sweaters and cardigans work well with both jeans and skirts. Opting for cashmere can help keep you warm and comfortable. These come in varying colours, necklines and designs so choose a few that will flatter your body type. You can find these cute and comfortable cashmere cardigans in plenty of stores including Scanlan&Theodore outlets when it’s close to winter.


An all-seasons’ wardrobe essential, so stick to non-ripped jeans to prevent exposed parts of your legs freezing from the winter cold. Pair up some skinny jeans with tall boots and a cute sweater and you would have the ideal winter look.


A classic wool coat can be worn just about anywhere, whether it is for a casual day outing or a classy event. It can elevate your basic casual look with the added bonus of keeping you warm and toasty. Go for colours that you can match with a variety of tops. Stick to black, blue, grey and camel if you are on a low budget but if you do have some extra cash to spare you can add a few fun colours like red and pink to the basket as well.


There are numerous types of boots you can find to match with your various fashionable outfits. To fight off the cold weather snow boots would be your ideal choice. They are made for wading through piles of snow and prevent the cold seeping in. It is best to stick to some neutral shades to pair up with your outfits. Hiker boots or sneaker boots are other options that are in trend for winter footwear.


If you are wondering whether scarves are still in style, then the answer to that question is ‘yes!’ These are essential to keep your neck warm. It adds some interest to your outfit for the day and are a great way to add some color that your outfit may be lacking.


This cute winter essential is good for keeping your head warm and your hair in place. You can just have one in your wardrobe if you feel like you may need it. It’s not necessary to put it on for every winter outfit but keep it with you in case the weather becomes too unbearable.


This is something that most people already have. They keep your hands warmer than those sweater paws ever could. You can choose from mittens, tech-friendly gloves and fingerless gloves.

When purchasing your winter wardrobe, make sure you take your lifestyle and personality into consideration as well. These essentials are bound to keep your winter fashionably comfortable.