Perfect Canvas Materials for Alcohol Ink Paintings

Art is one of the best ways to relax and unwind especially when you don’t have much time to go out to other places. There are different types of art and it all depends on which one you’re interested in. Some people like to create paper crafts while others love to paint. There is a wide variety when it comes to art that you can definitely find one that you love to do the most.

If you love creating crafts using paint, there are lots of materials you can use as a canvas, not just paper. Alcohol paint is a top choice for many crafters since it dries quickly and leaves a crisp dye mark on the surface. Alcohol paint is not only used for printing but on a variety of purposes such as jewellery making, stamping, painting, and many more.

If you’re looking for the best surfaces that work with alcohol ink, here are the top 3 you might want to try.

Yupo Paper

Yupo paper is a lot different than regular paper. It is synthetic and water-resistant unlike the usual paper. However, it still responds great to dyes and inks making it a perfect medium for artworks and paintings. Since it doesn’t absorb water, you can experiment with the different patterns’ alcohol ink can do.

From using droppers, scraping, reabsorbing, spraying and blowing ink, there are definitely a lot of styles you can do on yupo paper. If you’re planning to buy alcohol inks Australia has a great shop you should check out. They also have other accessories and materials needed for alcohol ink painting perfect for creating your masterpieces.


Aside from paper, another great canvas you can use is fabric. It works similar to tie-dyeing – more concentrated ink creates stronger prints while diluted ones make subtle hues. When using alcohol ink in dyeing fabrics, you can use a lot of accessories to improve the look of your prints. Some of these are stencils, spray bottles, or just simply dipping fabric into ink. You can actually create beautifully printed fabrics just like painting with water colour on paper.


If you want to create an artwork that looks gallery-perfect, painting with alcohol ink on metal surface is the best technique you might want to try out. There is a wide variety of metals you can use to create this type of art – aluminium, copper, brass, and even on stainless steel. Aside from paintings and decorative items, many crafters use this technique to create stylish jewelleries.

It can also be used to make daily home items look more artistic such as metal kettles, cups and tumblers. Many newbies find this material perfect for practicing since metallic items aren’t that hard to find and is not too expensive at all. You can even find some at hardware stores.

They type of material you use for your artwork affects the texture and feel of your finished print as well. It is all up to you to experiment on different surfaces and painting techniques to achieve your desired art style.