Planning a Theme for a Children’s Party

Children love to have a fun time and that includes parties. And more than that, they love themed parties. But how do you decide the perfect theme for a kids’ party? How can you plan out the costumes and the decorations? Keep reading to find out how you can pull off the perfect costume/ themed party for your kid.

Decide a Theme

First and foremost, you need to come up with a theme. This means brainstorming for a couple of party themes that you kid will love. This can range from superheroes to pirates to Disney princes and mermaids and fairies. Or it could be a general costume party where the guests can wear any fancy costume. You might also need to think of a theme that your kid will not get bored of. For example, if they are not a superhero fan, then a superhero themed party will not be fun.


How do you plan to get the costumes ready? Are the costumes only for children, or are the adults included too? If it is a small party just for children, then the parents can come together and plan costumes for the kids. If it is a common theme like princesses or superheroes you can easily get the costumes from online. But if it’s more like pirates or fairies you can prepare the costumes. Shop for some silks, laces and mermaid material and put together easy outfits. Remember the outfits don’t have to be perfect but only to bring out the theme.

As a parent you might also want to have dress code restrictions, especially if their parents are also required to dress up. This means any themes that your child will not be comfortable with such as ghosts or mummies etc.

Choose Your Décor Wisely

A themed party means you cannot have the everyday party décor. Instead, you have to choose specific decoration items that would pop out the theme. For example, if it’s a superhero party, get some superhero standee figures. Place some action figures on the counter tops or window sills. Hand out superhero masks. If it’s a pirate themed party you can get plastic swords, fake treasure chests and maps.

Let Them Show off the Costumes

A costume party is nothing without the amazing costumes that the kids wear. Let them have a chance to show them off. You can have fancy dress games, charades related to the theme, a mini-runaway show for them to flaunt their amazing costume. Let kids have their fun playing their favourite character for a day. Get your cameras ready to save the memories!

Themed Food

A themed party means you need to keep up with the theme with everything you do. So, make sure to relate this to your food as well. If this is a birthday party, then the birthday cake is one of the easiest ways to show off the theme. If you are a baking lover you can actually try to replicate some of the famous food you see in a Disney cartoon or get a character’s favourite food item ready.

A theme adds more fun an adventure to a party. So, keep it consistent from your costumes to your food.