Types of Jewellery that Goes Well with a Saree

Saree is one of the most beautiful and elegant outfits that a woman can ever wear. It can be worn on almost all kinds of events as it complements the essence of festivity and feminine charm. It surely is a head-turning statement as it exudes blissful splendor if it is worn and stylized in the right manner.

Some people focus entirely on the design, colour, material, or overall appeal of the saree rather than finalizing their overall look or the accessories that they will be pairing it up with. People must stylize their saree in a manner that looks graceful rather than looking at something which is negatively contradicting each other.

There are different forms and types of Indian jewellery that exist in the world today. However, not all designs can be worn with a saree as only a few compliments and blends in perfectly. They are as follows:

  • Kasu Kam Kada

The Kasu Kam Kada or a Indian bangle is something that compliments the banarsi saree a lot provided that the sleeves are three-quarters. One can always wear matching earrings with the bangle as it will add a spark to the overall look.

  • Antique Jewellery

Antique jewellery is in fashion and it adds an extra elegant and exclusive touch to your saree. It is sufficient for any look that you are trying to pull off. If you are indecisive regarding whether silver antique jewellery would look great or not then stop thinking and do give it a try.

  • Jhumka

The right type of jhumka earringswith your saree can boost the overall look and appeal. Each and every element should be selected with utmost care and consideration as a nice combination of jhumka can add exclusivity to your look of the day. Don’t compromise on the earrings that you are planning to pair up with your saree as you certainly would not want to regret them later.

  • Minimal Jewellery

Keeping it minimal and wearing a chic combination of earrings and neckpiece can add a minimal spark to your overall look thus making it look aesthetically appealing. It is not necessary to add extra spark or bling the fashion trends that someone is about to follow should be carefully selected. You certainly don’t want to go wrong with the choice or the look you end up creating.

  • Plain Gold Choker

Every woman has at least one gold choker in their collection which looks beautiful with a deep neckline. It adds a different kind of spark to the overall look. If you are planning to wear a plain gold choker then avoid wearing big jhumka’s as you certainly would not want to go over the board with your look. In some cases, the choker has beautiful stones and beads embedded in them that can help complement the color of your saree.

Selecting jewellery that blends well with the saree is not an easy task as not everything can be worn easily. However, the easiest trick is to keep it on the side of traditions and avoid blending it with modern elements.