The #1 reason why startups won’t do better in 2022 & the solution

Being a startup in the 2020s is bit of a challenge amidst one of the deadliest pandemic of the history. But the show must go on. In sustaining and not limiting to sustaining and truly developing a startup, there are many strategies you need to implement as a business. What if you managed to execute every level in the best way, but couldn’t manage to get to the expected product?

What if you were told that there was a massive error? A tremendous mistake?

In this read, we’re going to dissect this problem and give you the best solution for the problem.

So, what’s the #1 reason?

The reason is not functioning as an office. But what does it mean? It means a situation where when a client makes a call, the call is directed to a certain number, rather than using a private line. It could also mean having an office address.

The bigger picture is that, no matter how great your services were, you simply cannot afford to function without being perceived as a legitimate business.

How does it become the #1 reason?

Functioning as an office is not necessarily having your employees work in an office; it’s perfectly fine to operate a business remotely. But what if there wasn’t any receptionist to take the call? What if your business did not have a legitimate business PO address?

What if you always had to hold you business meetings via video calls? All of these shortcomings push your business away from being perceived as a business. This brings us to two methods of rectification.

Investing in infrastructure Vs. the better solution

In the first method, you’re going to have to buy, lease, or rent an office space out, furnish it, service it, and take care of the utility bills as well. When you’re reading this, you know you need to go for a business loan, and that’s a liability that’s going to keep you aware every single night.

Or else, you can go for the better solution; investing in a virtual office.

How it exactly resolves the #1 problem

In this type of an office, what happens is that every single problem mentioned under ‘how does it become the #1 reason’ being resolved in the absolute perfect way. How? You’re going to get a deducted receptionist service that can direct calls for pre-chosen numbers by you, you’re going to get a business address, and even get your own boardrooms to conduct meetings whenever needed. This is the kind of extremely affordable professionalism that helps you get miles and miles ahead of the race.

Final word of advice

Our final word of advice is to limit remote working of your business as soon as possible and move into a shared workspace. This is going to help the employees to focus better with endless utilities and the feel of being in a real deal business.

The takeaway

2022 and the world after that doesn’t have to be complicated for your business. But refraining from making amendments is the problem that needs rectifying.