Things You Need to Do After a Car Accident

No matter how careful we might be, sometimes even the best drivers slip up and can get into road accidents. While most of the accidents involve more property damage, personal injuries are may or may not be inevitable during these accidents. So, what do you need to do when you get into an accident? Read below to find out.

Never Drive Away

Getting into an accident is a shocking affair. Sometimes we have no idea what to do first. And sometimes our initial reaction may be to drive away. However, driving away from the scene can make things only worse, even in a minor accident. Apart from the fact that it would create legal problems, you also need to understand that there might be unseen injuries that would appear later. So the first step you need to do is to stop driving.

Medical Attention

One of the first things you need to do after an accident is seek medical attention. Even if your visible injuries are minor or you do not see any injuries, it is better to get a medical check-up. This is because there can still be internal injuries. And sometimes injuries appear a while later and not on the immediate impact. In order to avoid further complications, calling medical professionals to the scene is essential.

Call the Police

Even without a serious injury, it is better to call the police to the scene. You may need a police report to provide to your insurance company for claims – for health as well as property damage. Unless you were in the traffic, do not move the vehicles that were included in the accident. If the accident occurs at night or when it is dark outside, you can protect the scene of the accident by keeping your flashlights on. If your flashlights do not work, use a flashlight, or even your phone’s flashlight to keep you safe as well the site clear of oncoming traffic. When the police arrive, tell the details as accurately as possible.

Take Pictures

Taking pictures of the site of the accident will help to verify your accident report. This might help especially if the details get fuzzy to you. Most of the time, you will be having your phone’s camera with you. Use it to take pictures of any property damage that you can see. Do the same to all visible injuries to the involved parties. However, make sure not to interfere with the investigation of the police officers when you take photographs.

Consult an Attorney

Once the immediate steps are done, you need to take necessary steps to protect your rights. With the help of a motor vehicle accident lawyer, you can protect your rights, ensure the evidence is not lost and receive compensation if necessary. It is also better to have legal advice before you provide a statement to your insurance company as well. An attorney can help you with many of the proceedings that follow an accident from making an insurance claim to finding the best medical facilities for your injuries.

Facing an accident is never easy and no one expects it. However, knowing the right steps will help you to manage the aftermath of a car accident in a better manner.