Guide to Webex Contact Centre

Cloud contact centres were first formulated to focus on the efficiency of business operation and responding to customer inquiries. But they have expanded their reach and become an asset when providing information to improve the performance of call centre agents, boosting productivity, increasing company sales and customer retention.

Cisco Webex calling is one such cloud based contact centre that is focused on improving the efficiency of a business and contributing to subsequent growth. It is an omnichannel solution that can be centrally managed and uses cloud administration. There is a lot of versatility provided by Webex Calling and its flexibility allows the operation of multiple uses and features. You will be able to scale your contact centre solution according to the rate your business expands so that you are consistent in responding to customers. This is a system that can increase sales and customer satisfaction. The performance of your business will be improved across multiple platforms as this software provide monitoring and analytics to measure the performance of your systems, teams, agents etc. Because there is a central command centre, you have lower costs that go towards administration as well.

You will be provided practical solutions and processes to smoothly transition from your existing contact centre based on the premises of the office to a cloud contact centre. Webex contact centre has been provided as a component of the Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan. You have greater control over inbound and outbound communication and this will not be affected by the location or the technology used. The software is aware of the agents that are available at the time of the customer inquiry and directs the customer to an agent quickly. There are collaboration tools that are provided by Webex Calling that allow the call centre agents to communicate with those outside and inside the team providing a better customer experience.

The total cost of ownership is lowered by the Webex contact centre solution as it takes care of many elements of customer service. You can look at the Cisco Collaboration Flex costs to see whether your budget can accommodate this change. Your agents will be able to communicate with the customers through voice, chat and email in many different media. It will store a history of each customer interaction as a tool to improve the performance of the agent. In addition to this, automatic call distributor and interactive voice response features can help improve the operation of the call centre. The skills of the agent will be available within the cloud and this allows the system to connect the customer to an agent who can best respond to the specific query. This will cut down the communication time that will otherwise be used in looking for information and it will provide a higher quality of customer interaction as well. It also allows for collaboration within your team so that they can communicate quickly and easily with managers and other agents to resolve an issue. The managers are also able to manage schedules and staffing requirements due to the integration and the detailed information offered.