Simple Ways to Get Some Movement While at Work

After a long time of working from home some people are fortunately or unfortunately for them being called back to work. The usual amount of traffic is out, the 9 to 5 hours which are now extended because our lifestyles have changed are now in some ways back to how it was. While many things have completely altered our working styles and schedules factors such as going into work a few times a week have come back.

If your working life restricted you to your desk the entire day then you were probably quite happy about being able to work from home. However, with people taking their health a little more seriously while trying to stay safe there are a few things you can try doing now that work is back to normal. Here are some ways to stay moving and safe while being back at work.

Take a breather

Certain countries have lifted their mask rule meaning you can now step out without a mask, however on the contrary you can still wear it for your protection. In the event you are someone who prefers to have your mask or at an office that prefers people working with a makes a breather is a must.

It is essential to remove your mask and breathe normally to allow your lungs to inhale air normally. What you can do is to go for a walk outside without your mask in an empty or open space for a few minutes. This will not only help you breathe a little more comfortably but helps with concentration and focus. A 20-minute break is essential at least every 2 hours.

Get comfy in your work space

Thankfully one of the things that have seemed to permanently be taken out is having to wear formal clothes to office. While some companies expect their employees to come officially dressed many do not mind employees coming in smart casual, which is probably one of the best things ever.

With this change you will feel much more comfortable already. Among this is another feature such as the height adjustable desk. Standing can help you be more productive and stretch your body every once in a while. So, if you want to find a height adjustable desk for your Brisbane office look online for ideas.

Switch places

There is quite a possibility that your office is not working at full capacity so moving around to a different desk is an option if you do not want to stay cooped up in one place. Switch places every now and then for better productivity and change of scenery is known to improve mood too.

A different place will give you a chance to see things differently and gain new perspective.  While it may not sound like much a new seat will help you interact with those you would not normally and can even help in providing sufficient space and social distancing among colleagues.