Mistakes to avoid with NAD (plus) supplement intake

If you happened to be using or consideringstarting using NAD plus, you’re doing the right thing, the tactical thing. Because when most people would end up poisoningtheir bodies with synthetic essential supplements, you’ll be going with organic products.

But even with the best NAD+ products, you can end up making mistakes. Because after all, making mistakes can heavily reduce the effectiveness and that’s a waste of money.

Trying to mix with food

These mistakes happened due to the complications people have with some of the most popular extracts. For example, Lion’s mane is one of the most popular types of extracts that are best effective when used in the form of extract intermixed with food.

But this method doesn’t apply to NADs. In fact, nad+ supplement must be taken with an empty stomach, in a rather raw way. The intake can happen either directly into the bloodstream or orally. Out of the two options, consuming orally is much convenient.

Consuming right before meals

Technicality is the foundation of law. But when it comes to essential supplement administration, it’s more of a practice and identifying the best timing. Although your stomach would be more or less empty before a meal, it requires a certain period of time for the supplement to be absorbed into the body.

If you consumed food during this absorption, the effectiveness is going to be affected negatively. Thus, as a rule of thumb, be sure to give it 20-25 minutes after you consume the supplement, before having your meals.

Purchasing from unreliable shops

A lot of people have lost the faith in essential supplements not due to the wrong administration, but due to the poor quality of products. Keep in your mind that this is a field of products with immense popularity and demand. Hence, it’s quite normal to come across several solutions.

But if you didn’t purchase your supplements from a reliable store, can you really expect the results to be in the best way?

Poor timing in consuming

The bodily functions and the general hormonal balance constantly fluctuate during the day. Two of the biggest reasons are the sheer activity of the body and the atmosphere that the body is exposed to.

When Lion’s mane should be administrated in the morning, NAD works the best when consumed at noon. Since this is a rather generalization of administration, you can always find out the best timing for your intake with the consultation of a physician. That way, the effectiveness of the supplement would be much higher.

Sudden increment of the dosage

Unlike pain or disease-controlling medication, essentialsupplements are taken to improve the quality of life. In doing so, it’s perfectly fine not to stick to a designated dosage as per the recommendation of the physician.

But even without that recommendation, it’s never ideal to increase the dosage all of a sudden. Instead, what you should do is increase the dosage gently so that the body will gently adjust to the difference.